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Ignoring a wave of male political violence, Men’s Rights Redditors debate male abortions and the dangers of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Netflix’s reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A threat to men?

By David Futrelle

We’re awash in a wave of male political violence.

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Neckbeard Deathcamp is the best parody Nazi incel black metal band ever (if you don’t actually listen to them)

Der neckbeard

By David Futrelle

Today my favorite band in the world is Neckbeard Deathcamp, whose new album “White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers” brilliantly skewers white supremacists, Nazis, incels, and white supremacist Nazi incels.

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Man who hates black people declares that rap isn’t music: Vox Day Edition

Like Marcia Brady, Theodore ‘Vox Day” Beale is confused by hip-hop

In A Very Brady Sequel, the second film in the irony drenched 90s reboot of the Brady Bunch, Marcia Brady asks a guy she’s on a date with what kind of music he likes. He tells her he’s “really into hip hop.”

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Vox Day declares Nazism “semiotically useful,” specifies which kind of Jew is ok to him

Theodore Beale: The finest flower of Western Civilzation?
Theodore Beale: The finest flower of Western Civilization?

Racism can be so confusing!

Consider the case of everyone’s favorite racist dickhead fantasy author, Theodore “Vox Day” Beale. Ever since he discovered, two years ago, that his DNA contained enough Native American blood “to qualify for membership in most Indian tribes,” Beale has been using these DNA results to do a sort of end-run around accusations of racism.