a woman is always to blame all about the menz post contains sarcasm

Men finally get the recognition they deserve for their hard work in being men on all-male panels

The All-Man brothers
The All-Man Brothers

Congratulations, men! Or should I say con-MAN-ulations! At long last, men are finally getting the recognition they deserve for all the hard work they do as men on all-male panels.

You gals may complain about a lack of representation in the competitive being-on-all-male-panels industry, but when have you ever seen a woman on an all-male panel? Never, that’s when! Statistics show that men do a full 100% of the work in the field of all-male panels.

Besides, you ladies are just too flighty and emotional to handle the pressure of being on all-male panels. And who wants to put one of you on an all-male panel only to have you get pregnant half-way through the panel and leave to raise your kids?

Ladies, you know we love ya, but we just don’t want to ever hear anything you have to say.