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Internet laughs after Men’s Rights Activists discover that Amazon’s Alexa is a feminist

I don’t think this is going to work out well for you, dude. (From Basil Wolverton’s  “Robot Woman.” )

Men’s Rights activist Andy Thomas made a terrifying discovery the other day.

He had just received a brand new Amazon Echo — Amazon’s entry into the virtual assistant market, a chatty little device that answers to the name Alexa. It was, Thomas wrote in a post for MRA garbage site A Voice for Men, “the science fiction of my childhood come true!”

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A Voice for Men’s “buzzing” traffic sounds more like a death rattle

I told you we should't have gone this way
I told you we shouldn’t have gone this way

If for some perverse reason you head over to A Voice for Men, the former vanguard of the failed Men’s Rights revolution, you will find this sitting at the top of the site’s list of latest articles, as it has been for nearly two years:

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Guess who’s getting more traffic than the #1 Men’s Rights website again?

A Voice for Men’s not-so-bright future?

Here’s an interesting little chart from Alexa. We Hunted the Mammoth is the green line; A Voice for Men is the yellow line:

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Unable to accept that my site's been getting more traffic than his, AVFM's Paul Elam takes a swim in denial

This cat: Not impressed by Paul Elam's obvious bullshit
This cat: Not impressed by Paul Elam’s obvious bullshit

The first stage of grief, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross famously postulated, is denial.

So it’s hardly surprising that Paul Elam and his gang of flunkies and fans at A Voice for Men have responded to the news that my site is besting AVFM in traffic by trying to claim that my traffic is somehow … fake.

Elam’s “evidence” for this assertion? He poked around my site for a few minutes and couldn’t find any posts that felt really “viral” to him.

He explained his, er, logic in a post yesterday. (You’ll have to excuse his terrible prose; he’s apparently running out of ways to call me fat.)