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If you looked like that, I’d do you in a second: Michael Bloomberg’s long history of appalling remarks about (and to) women

By David Futrelle

Now that we’re all talking about Michael Bloomberg’s long history of racism, might I take a moment to remind you that the billionaire presidential hopeful also has an equally long and egregious history of misogynistic remarks — which run the gamut from cringeworthy boasts about his sex life to dopey sexist jokes to crude sexual remarks to female staffers. He also (allegedly) gets really mad when women working for him get pregnant.

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Happy New Year! Open Thread

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Some Dems are sounding a lot like Kavanaugh defenders in their attacks on Biden accuser Lucy Flores

Biden has been doing this gropey shit for so long that someone made a Halloween costume out of it

UPDATE: Two more women have come forward to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching, making four in all.

By David Futrelle

It’s not exactly news that Joe Biden has a groping problem. We’ve all seen the videos, year after year, of Biden playing the role of creepy uncle at event after event, pawing weirdly at the shoulders, and hips, and sometimes even the chests of women and girls in his vicinity, fussing with their hair, perhaps leaning in to whisper something in their ears or even to kiss them on the back of their head.

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MRA Janet Bloomfield: Bruce Jenner “is joining the privileged caste … For the vast majority of men, that isn’t an option.”

Jenner on 20/20
Jenner on 20/20

In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner has confirmed to the world what many already suspected, that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

The strangest reaction to this news that I have seen thus far comes from the reliably strange and terrible Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield, who seems to think that Jenner is transitioning out of jealousy of the attention the world pays to Kim Kardashian and her sisters.

Here’s Bloomfield:

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Elizabeth Vargas checks into rehab; A Voice for Menners gloat, moralize

He's so concerned.
He’s very concerned.

So A Voice for Men, classy joint that it is, “reported” yesterday that Elizabeth Vargas of ABC’s 20/20, who interviewed Paul Elam for a 20/20 piece that has yet to air, has checked into rehab in order to deal with her alcoholism. The general reaction of commenters there ranged from “ha ha” to “well, maybe once she’s cured she’ll see how oppressed we men really are.” Those aren’t exact quotes. The exact quotes are below.

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Paul Elam of A Voice for Men: In His Own Words

Paul Elam on 20/20
Paul Elam in a web-only clip from the 20/20 segment that never ran on television.

Paul Elam, the founder and primary animating force behind the website A Voice for Men, is probably, for better or worse, the most influential figure in the Men’s Rights movement (or, as he prefers to call it, the Men’s Human Rights Movement).

Elam is also a fierce misogynist with a penchant for angry, violent rhetoric full of only-slightly veiled threats. But don’t take my word for it. Perhaps the best way to get to know Mr. Elam is through his own words.

So here are some of Elam’s thoughts on a variety of issues, taken from postings on his own website.  I have linked each quote back to its source on A Voice for Men.

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Manosphere Catfight! WF Price of The Spearhead eviscerates Paul Elam for his impending 20/20 appearance

Aw, kitties!
Aw, kitties!

[EDIT: The 20/20 story has been postponed] So the Men’s Rightsers are already up in arms about the upcoming 20/20 story on the Manosphere — which, to remind everyone, is showing today, that is, Friday, October 18 at 10 PM EST on ABC. So far I’ve run across angry posts about it on A Voice for Men (naturally), the Men’s Rights subreddit, Rex Patriarch, Stares at the World and Captain Capitalism. Heck, the good Captain even made a rambling 30-minute video on the subject; skip forward ten minutes to hear his misogynistic tirade against the two women who wrote the brief teaser piece now up on the ABC website, complete with “funny” voices. He even calls them “twats.”

But so far the most interesting response comes from W. F. Price of The Spearhead, who uses the occasion to launch an attack on … Paul Elam. Yep. It’s a Manosphere He-Man-Cat-Fight.