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I created Paul Elam, and now I need your help to rein him in

The jig is up. I and my collaborators have kept it secret for a long time now, but for reasons I will explain in a moment, I feel I need to come clean about this now, before it is too late: I created Paul Elam. That is: “Paul Elam” is a character created and developed…

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Hypergamy: How the harebrained notions of white nationalist F. Roger Devlin took the Manosphere by storm

Another in an ongoing series of posts on seminal works in the manosphere canon, as it were. At some point, I’ll make a page for these. Like Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power, F. Roger Devlin’s 2006 essay Sexual Utopia in Power (downloadable here) is a kind of Manospherian urtext, an original source of…

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Kate Harding Tells Men’s Rights Activists to Go Eff Themselves

You all need to go read Kate Harding’s bracing (and given all the recent doxxing bullshit, spectacularly well-timed) Jezebel piece titled “Fuck You, Men’s Rights Activists.” Here’s a sample: Fuck you, first of all, for making it nearly impossible for decent men struggling with abusive partners or unfair custody arrangements to get the help they…

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MRA Videoblogger JohnTheOther, Hypocritical Defender of Doxxing, Doxxes Himself

Some months back, I made a post in which I referred to the mysterious JohnTheOther by his real name. I didn’t think this was a big deal, since John — whom regular readers know as the number two man at Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men – had previously used his real name,…

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The Men’s Rights subreddit: Fighting imaginary enemies, since 2008

To arms, Men’s Rights Redditors! Evil feminists are running riot on Wikipedia, deleting pages devoted to books by MRA hero Warren Farrell!   Oops. False alarm! Turns out WillToHave doesn’t quite understand how Wikipedia works. As one commenter pointed out several hours after the post went up, no pages about Farrell’s books have actually been…


>Hit me with your best shot

> Like this guy, only fighting feminism. One of the running complaints from Men’s Rights Activists who frequent this blog is that I pick on “nobodies” or “fringe elements” in the Men’s Rights movement, with some suggesting erroneously that all I do is pick on individual commenters on MRA blogs who might, for all we…