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Man Who Calls Women Bitches Attacks Organization That Saves Men’s Lives

Funny story: Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party — you remember, the tiny British partylet that managed to win literally 0.0007% of the vote in the last UK elections — is trying to organize a men’s rights conference in London. He recently approached Amnesty International to see if he could rent one…

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Red Pill director Cassie Jaye is accusing me of sending “bullying emails.” Here are the emails. Decide for yourself.

I had hoped to avoid writing about Cassie Jaye and her strange journey into Red Pill-land again so soon.

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An Open Letter to Cassie Jaye, director of The Red Pill

UPDATE 10/25/16: If you’ve come here after reading about a petition to cancel screenings of The Red Pill, I ask you to NOT sign any such petitions. It’s just free publicity for them. Read more of my thoughts on the matter here.  Dear Cassie Jaye, Congratulations. You surpassed your Kickstarter fundraising goal yesterday, more than…

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JudgyBitch: Women make babies, and men make Large Hadron Colliders

So our old friend Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield has written a rather silly post on how men are a bunch of STEM geniuses while women are basically designed to make babies. (On average.) You’ve heard all this nonsense before, I am sure:

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What happened when A Voice for Men’s News Director tried to publish an anti-Cosby post on that terrible site

A Voice for Men, the World’s Greatest Grandpa of Men’s Rights sites, prides itself on the intellectual and political diversity of its writers. The site has published articles by Holocaust-denying marital-rape advocates — and from dudes who think that the Holocaust happened and that marital rape shouldn’t happen. It has published articles lauding the rape legalization…

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MRA JudgyBitch: Give me money for a crossbow so I can shoot feminists in the face!

Janet Bloomfield — the slur-spewing A Voice for Men “social media director” better known as JudgyBitch — has launched a rather unique fundraiser on Patreon: In addition to funds to spend on better videomaking equipment, she’s asking her supporters to send her $800 for a crossbow so she can “shoot the feminists in the face.” JB isn’t…

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Yet another Manosphere doofus thinks Bruce Jenner is “having a sex change because females get more attention.”

Blame it on Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and Kris. Following on the heels of Men’s Rights idiots Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield and Christian J, a writer for Return of Kings is suggesting that Bruce Jenner is transitioning out of envy at the attention the assorted Kardashian women get from paparazzi and the press. As David Garrett sees…

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A Voice for Menners attack one woman for her topless pics, then defend another woman for HER topless pics

The other day, you may recall, I wrote about a little slut-shaming campaign that a number of A Voice for Men staffers, including top banana Paul Elam, were waging against a former AVFMer who’s turned into a critic of the site. Her crime? She had put some topless photos of herself online — or, to…

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Yelling at people on the Internet IS our activism, A Voice for Men's Paul Elam declares

I‘ve often pointed out, as many others have noticed as well, that the so-called Men’s Rights movement does pretty much nothing to help men in any practical way. MRAs complain that there are no domestic violence shelters for men, but they (with literally one exception that I know of) aren’t willing to do the work…

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The 5 Creepiest Details from GQ's Long-Awaited Account of A Voice for Men's Conference Last Summer

A few days before alleged “men’s human rights” website A Voice for Men held its first convention last summer, the site’s founder and head boy Paul Elam put up a post imploring the alleged human rights activists planning to attend the event not to go around calling women bitches and whores and cunts, because the…