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Warren Farrell on Unemployment, Salesmanship, and Other Things That Are Like Rape, Supposedly

Warren Farrell, as a sort of “elder statesman” of the Men’s Rights movement, may have gained a sort of weird respectability simply by being around as long as he has, and because he’s published books with major publishers. But the myth of Farrell’s intellectual respectability shatters pretty quickly once one takes a good, honest, and…

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A Voice for Men: we’ll support women in combat only if the proper percentage of women get killed.

As everyone reading this blog no doubt already knows, feminists have hailed the Pentagon’s decision to open combat jobs to women, which will allow women the same opportunities to serve as men. The decision is also a backhanded acknowledgement that, for all intents and purposes, women are serving in combat today already. (Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth…

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Paul Elam: Call the Doctor!

Is there anything in the world that Paul Elam can’t blame on feminism? Apparently not. In his latest post on A Voice for Men, Elam reports on a number of health problems he’s been dealing with – or not dealing with – for years.  You see, despite chronic troubles with his gall bladder and with…

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MRAs would rather complain about “male disposability” than work to enable women to serve in combat

Men’s Rights Activists regularly complain that it is mostly men who serve in the armed forces, and that it is mostly male soldiers who are killed and injured in service to their country in wartime. MRAs also complain that, in the United States, only men have to sign up for the draft – though this…

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Straight White Males oppressed by blog post

So straight white science fiction author dude John Scalzi has created a bit of a hubbub amongst straight white dudes on the interwebs with a blog post called Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is.  The post, later reposted on Kotaku, is basically an attempt to talk to fellow dudes in their own…

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Women in combat: Who put sand in your vaginas?

MRAs often complain bitterly that men have to register for the draft and women don’t. Ironically, many MRAs – sometimes the very same people – also think that women shouldn’t be allowed in the armed forces at all, or at the very least should be barred from direct combat. One MRA who’s staunchly against women…

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Women wearing makeup, nutshots, toilet seats in the down position, and other signs of male oppression

In my last post, I referred (albeit obliquely) to a discussion taking place in the comments section over on The Frisky about an article called How to Teach Boys to be Feminists. With a title like that, it’s hardly surprising that the topic drew MRAs like, well, I was going to say like flies on…

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>Anglo-haters gonna Anglo-hate

> Bill O’Reilly secretly spreading Feminazi man-hate. The fellow behind the charmingly named Anglobitch blog — devoted to the notion that “Anglo-American Women Suck!” — has delivered up a rambling, loopy rant about hate crime legislation, which essentially suggests that the very existence of such legislation reflects an “inherent, all-pervasive hatred of men” in the…