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Lies, Damn Lies, and Janet Bloomfield: The world's least convincing liar is now trying to smear me

Janet Bloomfield’s antifeminist smear campaign continues apace. Yesterday I wrote about her disgraceful attack on feminist writer Jessica Valenti, in which Bloomfield made up offensive statements and attributed them to Valenti in a malicious attempt to malign her reputation. Bloomfield, the “social media director” for A Voice for Men, then went on to boast about…

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Lying as PR: AVFM's Janet Bloomfield libels Jessica Valenti — then brags about it

A Voice for Men’s “social media director” Janet Bloomfield is proving to be quite the innovator in the world of public relations. You may recall her cheeky approach to publicizing the recent AVFM conference, which involved awarding herself “whore points” for calling critics of AVFM “whores.” Now she’s moved on to straight-up libel, making up…

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Spinning out of control: Janet Bloomfield takes A Voice for Men’s reality-distortion field on the road

One of the benefits of running a cult – or so I have heard – is the ability to define reality for your cult followers. The principals at the cultish A Voice for Men do this all the time – pretending, for example, that former AVFM Number Two John Hembling had once faced off against…

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Chris Cantwell, Men’s Rights Activists, and right-wing fantasies of “defensive” violence

By David Futrelle Yesterday, “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell was booted off of Gab for making just a few too many threatening comments about leftists.

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The best thing about Milo’s financial meltdown? The terrible, terrible people he’s stiffing

It’s PLEDGE DRIVE time again! WHTM is ad free and entirely dependent on folks like you for its continued existence. If you can afford it, please DONATE HERE NOW! Thanks! By David Futrelle So the loathsome Milo Yiannopoulos — the self-promoting alt-right enabler and serial harasser who’s been kicked off so many platforms I’ve lost track — has…

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JudgyBitch: Trump won debate because he “spanked Hillary just enough to let her know her place”

The Pledge Drive continues! If you enjoy this blog, and can afford it, please click on the “donate” button below!  Thanks! As you bask in the satisfaction that comes from knowing that the unflappable Hillary Clinton decisively defeated the sputtering, sniffing Trump in the debate last night, there are probably not a lot of you who are…

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JudgyBitch: Women without husbands or sons should have to join the military to vote

With election day here in the US less than two months away, Andrea Hardie has decided that maybe it would be ok if some women were allowed to vote after all.

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JudgyBitch on marital rape, killing Trudeau, and why she thinks white skin is GOLD

I stand corrected: In a recent post I suggested that Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, after at least two Twitter permabans, had been successfully kicked off the social media platform. As was pointed out to me shortly after I put up that post, she had already returned to Twitter with a new account. Welcome the new “Janet…

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JudgyBitch: I’d support nuking Mecca if I thought it would be “effective” against Islam

In the midst of a rambling blog post arguing that a large terrorist attack on American soil before November “puts Trump in the White House for certain,” former Twitter activist Andrea Hardie makes a rather startling pronouncement: She would support nuking Mecca if she thought it would be an “effective” way to strike a blow against…

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Tory MP with bad haircut and worse ideas speaks at Men’s Rights conference in London

The second not-quite-annual International Conference on Men’s Issues in London didn’t get a lot of media attention when it happened in early July. Actually, as far as I can tell, it didn’t get any, aside from a brief and somewhat silly post on a blog called We Hunted the Mammoth, which, come to think of it,…