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This just in: Girls are stinky.

Over on The Spearhead, a fella name Towgunner offers up these observations on the young ladies of today. (I’ve broken his wall of text into shorter paragraphs.) I’m beginning to notice a couple of odd trends amongst the younger females, which are quite surprising. 1. more and more women smell – BO, ass, a dog,…

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Women wearing makeup, nutshots, toilet seats in the down position, and other signs of male oppression

In my last post, I referred (albeit obliquely) to a discussion taking place in the comments section over on The Frisky about an article called How to Teach Boys to be Feminists. With a title like that, it’s hardly surprising that the topic drew MRAs like, well, I was going to say like flies on…

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Bla bla pussy cartel bla bla cock blockade

The blogger Fidelbogen likes to think of himself as some sort of grand theoretician of “counter-feminist” thinking. Which means that his posts are usually far too long and ponderous to read, much less to write about. His ideas – at least judging from the few posts of his I’ve had the patience to wade through…

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>Guys, you’re not helping: The Dear Woman video

>  The video above, which has been making the rounds of the manosphere, is one of the creepiest and most off-putting things I’ve seen since watching Dogtooth a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I take that back: Dogtooth was much less creepy and off-putting. I was so repelled by what I saw in this video…

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>Living Bitter and Alone is the Best Revenge

> Soon you too will be able to snub women LIKE A BOSS You may remember our friend Christopher in Oregon, a proud woman-hating virgin (from Oregon, presumably) with some interesting theories on what women think about while having sex. He’s back with some thoughts on how to live the good life, MGTOW-style. Truly an…

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Bald women, meat toilets and the MGTOW Paradox

  Technique … not … working! The horny straight dudes who decide to go all MGTOW — that is, to Go Their Own Way, avoiding women — often find themselves facing what we might call the MGTOW Paradox — that is, they hate the sexy ladies, but the sexy ladies keep giving them boners. So…

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>Boycott? Make that a MANcott!

> Judy Chicago brings vagina to the table. Via lolvantgarde Careful readers may have noticed a new blog in my Enemies List, a promising up-and-comer in the world of nutbag misogyny. Yes, I’m talking about BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN, a blog whose purpose is clearly stated in its name. So why should we fellows boycott —…

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Ladies! Stop assaulting us by dressing like slutty sluts

Dirty whore flaunting her sexy arms. Oh, you foul, filthy women, why must you continue to oppress men with the power of your evil sexiness? I’ve been spending some time recently reading a tiny internet forum with big ambitions. “The CoAlpha Brotherhood,” the site’s Mission Statement notes, “is an attempt to abandon feminist society and…