David Futrelle FAQ

I‘m a freelance writer and blogger living in Evanston, IL, with two awesome cats (pictured below, slightly greasy with eardrop residue).

I’ve been writing on topics ranging from gender and culture to money and technology for more than twenty years.

My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, among them Broadly, TheCut, Salon,  HuffPost, Time.com, The American Prospect, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times Book Review. I was a staff writer at Money magazine for a number of years.

I was also behind the blog Confused Cats Against Feminism.

For more about We Hunted The Mammoth, see the Mammoth FAQ.

For more me, see:

David Futrelle on Twitter

David Futrelle on Facebook

Here, as promised, are my cats, early in their careers as cats. Yes, they are much cuter than me.

Sweetie and Pantz, doing the kitten thing.

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Killer B Kilt
5 months ago

My thought would be do you send automatic emails out to subscribers or to humans in general? Thanks!

1 month ago

Check out r/FriendsOfBrian… Incels thoughts about Gabby Patito- it’s insane.