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The Stuff I Ban: Chris Key of Men’s Rights Online complains about “feminazi dykes and c***ts” using foul language.

Chris, ehough! I'm trying to sleep here.
Chris, enough! I’m trying to sleep here.

Here at Man Boobz, I’ve set it so first-time commenters have their comments sent to moderation so I can decide if they’re sort of people I want to have commenting here on a regular basis. Given the obnoxiousness of some of the people I let through, I imagine some of you might wonder just what it takes to get censored around here. So here, as a public service of sorts, is one recent comment from a first-timer that I didn’t let through.

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JohnTheOther of A Voice for Men Seems to be Completely Losing Touch With Reality

The imaginary feminist conspiracy plots against JohnTheOther
The imaginary feminist conspiracy plots against JohnTheOther

I am beginning to wonder – seriously wonder — if JohnTheOther of A Voice for Men has completely lost touch with reality.

Take a look at this angry, delusional tirade he posted on Reddit yesterday after a couple of his AVFM comrades were banned from Reddit, possibly for their promotion of “doxxing” – that is, their attempts to find and reveal the personal information of a Toronto feminist activist. In this embarrassing public meltdown, JtO turned on the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit for criticizing AVFM’s doxxing campaigns – and accused them, astonishingly, of being a gang of closet feminists.

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Life Before Feminism: Elliot and His Charge Dodger, er, Dodge Charger


A blast from the past. Elliot is (inadvertently) DHV-ing out the wazoo! That’s Demonstrating Higher Value, for those not hep to Pickup Artist lingo.

This isn’t, strictly speaking, “life before feminism.” It’s life just as the second wave of feminism was getting going. Indeed, the rather forward women in the ad are essentially Madison Avenue’s version of liberated women.

And this  seems to be how most MRAs continue to see feminism today — as an elaborate plot designed to allow bossy, manipulative, “hypergamous” “empowered females” to better exploit hard-working beta men.

The ad is of course insulting to both men and women, but I imagine any MRA viewers who stop by will only see the misandry.

But, hey, it is a pretty cool car.

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Anti-Suffrage Postcard Saturday

Pretty kitties, like pretty ladies, don’t want the vote.

There’s an interesting piece over on Collectors Weekly about those anti-Suffragette postcards I sometimes use to illustrate my posts here. (Thanks to Jezebel for the link; I’m not exactly a regular reader of Collectors Weekly.) Lisa Hix puts the cards in context, offering a sort of mini-history of the suffragette movement in the process, and notes that the cards present some of the often contradictory “arguments” still used against feminism today.

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Bill O’Reilly ogles the single woman voter

So the lovely and talented Bill O’Reilly of Fox news has had a bug in his butt about single women voters for a while now — at least since he ran across a Gallup poll a couple months back showing that single women as a group overwhemlingly support Obama.

So last night he sent a “reporter” out to investigate these strange creatures. Or at least those representatives of the single female demographic that happened to be wearing skimpy and/or silly Halloween costumes.

Amanda Marcotte offers a few thoughts about the segment in a post on Slate.

Here’s an equally “fair and balanced” look at the world of single male voters.

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Reddit Creepsplosion, Part Eleventy Billion and Two [UPDATED]

There’s drama on Reddit again, with a veritable army of Redditors rising up in righteous indignation to fight off those evil man-haters who’ve challenged their ineffable right to free speech to post creepy and intrusive and possibly illegal pictures of women and girls.

I don’t have the energy to catalogue the whole murky mess so let me just point out a few of the key events here, all of which have inspired multiple mega-threads full of sound and fury and lots of misinformation.

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“Even when men are all locked in cages, they’ll complain that it’s so much work for women to feed them,” and other insights on feminism courtesy of Reddit.

So this weekend I attended an interesting conference on the future of feminism. I’d like to present some of the most insightful papers from it.

Clarification: When I said I “attended a conference” I meant I “took a look at the Men’s Rights subreddit.” By “interesting” I meant “tedious” and by “insightful” I meant “ridiculous.” And by “papers” of course I meant “comments.”

So here, without further ado, are some of the pearls of wisdom I found in a thread asking the twin questions “What, in your opinion, is Feminism’s ultimate goal? When do you think they’ll consider their job ‘done?’” (Each yellow comment is a direct answer to one or both of the questions.)

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MRA: “In case no feminists show up for the debate, ask a few MRA’s to … present the feminist’s point of view. Let’s not turn this … into a MRA circlejerk.”

You remember that big MRA-vs-feminists debate in Vancouver we were talking about the other day? The one later this month? In the car dealership? About whether or not feminism has “gone to too  far?” Oh, and which doesn’t, so far, seem to involve any actual feminists?

In case no feminists decide to show up to a debate organized and moderated by MRAs, promoted only on MRA websites, and taking place in a car dealership run by an MRA, one Reddit MRA has a suggestion:



Yep, he really did just suggest that MRAs debate themselves, and then, with no sense of irony, say  “Let’s not turn this debate into a MRA circlejerk.”

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect encapsulation of the Men’s Rights movement than this. MRAs are always eager to debate the imaginary feminists that live only in their own heads. Straw feminists are really the only feminists they know.

You might also enjoy TyphonBlue’s heroic special-snowflaking in the Reddit thread.