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Attention all Incels! A microscopic beetle mite proves animals can survive thousands of years without having sex

Oppiella nova: Fat-bottomed girl

I saw the headline while browsing Twitter this afternoon: “This animal has survived for centuries without having sex.”

I thought, that’ll show those incels who are absolutely furious to be virgins at 14 or 44.

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Men’s Rights Redditor: Birth control “should it only be sold with a waiver in which you forgo claims to child support in the event of an unplanned pregnancy”

Well, this guy’s got it all figured out.

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Succubus troubles, again

There’s trouble in the astral realm. The trouble is that it’s filled with horny Reddit dudes astrally projecting themselves into the spirit realm in hopes of turning some friendly ghost into a friendly ghost with benefits — and getting a little freaked out when the being they’re astrallly schtupping turns out to be a succubus.

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Straight men! It’s your sacred duty to be shitty at sex, because that’s what Genghis Khan would have wanted

Genghis Khan: Ladykiller

Fellas! You know how women are always begging you to be good at sex and maybe cuddle a little with them afterwards? Don’t do it! Because that’s how they get their hooks in you. And also because it’s unnatural for you to be in any way a considerate lover.

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“The female orgasm is literally the most selfish and pointless thing in the world,” MGTOW sex expert explains

How MGTOWs have sex

By David Futrelle

Today’s insight into human sexuality comes from an anonymous MGTOW Redditor explaining why, in his opinion, women don’t deserve any help with that whole orgasm thing:

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MGTOW: Sex work doesn’t count as real work because it “isn’t gonna repair a generator”

Unless you’re literally repairing this, you aren’t working

By David Futrelle

So the MGTOWs on Reddit are discussing the #SexWorkIsWork hashtag, and they have some, well, interesting takes on the subject.

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Why you shouldn’t have sex with a Nazi, according to a Nazi

Just say no to Nazi sex

By David Futrelle

Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer is giving out sex tips now, and they are pretty dire. He begins a recent lengthy disquisition on the subject by informing his male readers that, no, women can’t be good at sex — and that as far as he’s concerned the very notion of “good sex” is “absolute boomer tripe.”

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GOP candidate won’t allow a female reporter on a campaign ride-along lest people think they’re boning

Mississippi State. Rep Robert Foster: Too sexy for his own campaign bus?

By David Futrelle

If anyone thinks the Mike Pence rule of never being alone with a woman lest something naughty happen isn’t discriminatory against women, consider the case of Mississippi Today reporter Larrison Campbell, who learned earlier this week that she wouldn’t be allowed to “ride along” with GOP gubernatorial wannabe Robert Foster on a 15-hour campaign trip because people might think that the two were “riding” each other, wink wink nudge nudge, knowwhatImean?

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“Check out the vaginal mucus on her,” and other things straight dudes say to each other, according to some TERF

It’s all about the mucus

By David Futrelle

Generally speaking, it’s a waste of time for sensible people to argue with TERFs — that is, Trans-Excluding Radical Feminists. But on rare occasions it can be, well, highly illuminating. And weirdly entertaining.

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The “women don’t enjoy sex” dudes aren’t just owning themselves. They’re using the #SexStrike to push regressive ideas about women

Reports indicate that some women do in fact like sex

By David Futrelle

There are a lot of guys out there who think that women generally don’t enjoy sex. But it’s rare for guys to say this out loud, because they’re afraid of the obvious retort: “Maybe they just don’t enjoy sex with you!”