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Kirstie Alley has a strange theory about pedophilia so of course she told Twitter all about it

Yesterday morning the actress/scientology crank Kirstie Alley must have been feeling especially judgy so she fired up her Twitter and tweeted out a series of very strange tweets attacking what she sees as a perversely permissive society.

I want to know what on earth she was watching at 6:44 AM Eastern that was “perverse” enough to rouse her to tweet. Are the Teletubbies reenacting scenes from Salo? Has the Farm Report gone x-rated?

Gotta give her points for the Caligula reference; she’s gone old school.

“Morals are guidelines for better survival?” That is the strangest definition of “morals” I’ve seen. Must be a Scientology thing.

Oh yeah, it is, along with L.. Ron Hubbard’s creepy notion of ethics as whatever is good for Scientilogy.

I don’t think I want Scientologists to be teaching kids about morality and ethics or anything, really.

Or trying to stop schools from teaching sex ed.

I don’t think you’re kidding, Kirstie. I just think you’re a little, well, the politest way to say it is that you’re a little confused. Who out there is teaching the kind of “open-mindedness” that would lead to an acceptance of pedophilia? Is this some kind of underhanded dig at the LGBTQ+ community or drag queen story hour or whatever?

I’m guessing it is, because her Twitter timeline is full of jokes about the pronouns trans folks use.

By their endlessly repeated jokes ye shall know them.

I also noticed a non-ironic retweet of Candace Owens, which is definitely a sign that your life has gone way off track.

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Never before, it seems, have so many men so confidently answered the question “what do women want” with zero input from actual women. At least when Freud infamously asked this question he admitted he didn’t really know the answer.

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