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Support the Rockettes who don’t want to be forced to perform at Trump’s inauguration

Donald Trump and the Rockettes. in happier days

UPDATE: Individual Rockettes who don’t want to perform at the Inauguration no longer have to. Except maybe some do? It’s confusing. More here¬†and here.

Last night I announced I would be starting a new series of posts devoted to ways we all can Resist Trump Every Day in our own little ways. In this, the first installment, I’d like to draw your attention to a small protest with a great symbolic power.

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Resist Trump Every Day: A brainstorming thread

Do a little something every day to make this man’s life a little harder

So a while ago I mentioned I wanted to provide some resources here for those who want to do their part in resisting the incoming Trump regime. I was thinking in terms of comprehensive resources guides and pages devoted to key issues.

But there are already people out there doing that. Rather than duplicating their efforts I think I want to try a different approach.