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Wishing my beautiful daughter a great time at prom after I shoot her date in the dick

Keep your paws off of my daughter!

By David Futrelle

On Saturday, former NFL star Jay Feely posted this pic on twitter:

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Check out my The Cut piece on Betsy DeVos and her terrible campus rape announcement

Betsy DeVos: An education crisis all by herself

By David Futrelle

Sorry I was out of commission yesterday! This is part of the reason why: my latest piece on The Cut about education secretary Betsy DeVos’s new campus rape policy, which turns out to be not really much of a policy at all.

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Internet lady haters furious that a “fat” girl car wins the race in Cars 3

Cruz Ramirez: Fat girl car takes the lead!

By David Futrelle

The ridiculous misogynists who hang out on internet garbage site Return of Kings are pig-biting mad at yet another female character in an action movie. Only this time she’s a talking car.

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Booger Sluts and She-Tornados: An unsolicited critique of We Hunted the Mammoth

Typical WHTM readers relaxing at home

We get letters. And sometimes they’re too good — and I use a very broad definition of “good” — not to share. So here’s one I got the other day from a fellow who calls himself MGTOWabunga, offering a rather detailed, er, critique of We Hunted the Mammoth and its readers.

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Complete idiots respond to the #WomensMarch on Twitter

Trump’s worst nightmare?

You may be wondering what the dregs of humanity are saying on Twitter about the Women’s March.

The answer? Some pretty amazingly dumb things. Here’s a sampling:

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#ResistTrump today by calling senators about his terrible Education pick Betsy DeVos [UPDATED]

Betsy DeVos: School ruiner?

UPDATE 1/18/17: DeVos’ hearings were an utter fiasco; she made clear she lacks even a basic understanding of education issues. Mother Jones has gathered together videos of her worst moments here; Vox looks at one key issue she evidently knows nothing about. Also, BEARS!

Time to pester your senators again, this time about Donald Trump’s awful pick for Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos, a billionaire school-privatization fanatic who’s devoted more than two decades to questionable education “reforms” that put more government money into the pockets of private corporations and Christian schools while undermining public schools.

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Fake sci-fi boys cry salty tears over Puppies defeat at the Hugo Awards

N.K. Jemisin: Winner
N.K. Jemisin: Winner

So the Hugo awards happened. And last night was a pretty decisive defeat for the would-be awardwreckers behind the Sad and Rabid Puppies’ slates, and for Rabid Puppies ringmaster Theodore “Vox Day” Beale in particular: not only did his slate fail to crack the awards (aside from two nominees who didn’t need his help to win), but he also saw his longtime nemesis N.K. Jemisin take the top award for her novel The Fifth Season.

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Suspect in Baton Rouge cop killings: “Don’t get a woman if you cant keep her in check”

"Cosmo" explains himself on YouTube
“Cosmo” explains himself on YouTube

The man suspected of murdering three Baton Rouge police officers in what’s being called an “ambush” shooting earlier today has been identified as a 29-year-old ex-Marine named Gavin Long.

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Trump-loving Muslim-haters escalate their rhetoric in the wake of Nice attack

Fans of Trump and/or Hitler have been quick to exploit the tragedy in Nice
Fans of Trump and/or Hitler have been quick to exploit the tragedy in Nice

In the wake of the horrendous attack in Nice last night, Internet Nazis and their enablers on the right took to Twitter to tell their followers and anyone else who would listen that they had been correct all along: Islam is our enemy, Trump is our savior, and any white person who disagrees with these propositions is a terrorist-loving traitor — and a “cuck” to boot.

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Return of Kings: “Like small children, most modern women have no skills”

Every Red Piller's not so secret fantasy
Every Red Piller’s not so secret fantasy. Also, that’s clearly an older Davis Aurini in the white turtleneck.

So everyone’s favorite woman-hating garbage site Return of Kings has a new post up detailing “4 Signs That Modern Women Have Become Petulant Children.”