>Gun-loving pick-up guru allegedly shoots a woman in the face


Actual logo for Gunwitch’s “The Way of Gun”

A creepy, gun-loving pick-up artist (PUA) guru whose “technique” for charming the ladies is just one small step away from actual date rape has been arrested for allegedly shooting a woman in the face. 

And, no I’m not making this up. Allen Reyes, known in the “seduction community” as Gunwitch because of his love of guns, apparently got into an argument with a 20-year-old woman at a party in his hometown of Klameth Falls, Oregon. This woman is now (at least according to the latest news report I have managed to find) in critical condition at a local hospital with gunshot wounds to the face. (See here for more details, and here for Jezebel’s take on the subject.)

The man known as Gunwitch, arrested Monday, is apparently quite gun-obsessed. On his website, he notes that he’s “an avid hand gunner.” One of his PUA audio tapes is called “The Way of Gun” and — especially creepy in light of the charges he faces, the logo he chose for it features an actual gun and, well, see the picture at top right.

Gunwitch has never been what anyone would call a “nice guy.” His slogan? “Get laid, not liked.”

Unlike many seduction gurus, Gunwitch doesn’t recommend a lot of gimmicks or clever opening lines or subtle techniques of manipulation. His “technique” is simplicitly itself: lurk around in  places where lone women tend to congregate, and when you see a woman who makes you horny, don’t wait for your boner to go away, just get into a “dominant” frame of mind and start pestering her. Then, if she shows anything that looks like interest, ISOLATE her and work your magic. If she doesn’t seem interested, don’t give up, keep pestering her until she gives in or bluntly rejects you.

He goes through his technique in more detail on his web site. Let’s look at some, er, highlights.

So where’s a good place to meet the ladies? Aside from the old standbys — coffee houses, the gym — Gunwitch recommends lurking around the magazine racks:

I like the magazine racks at dept stores, where I can stand there and wait ’til some Cosmo magazine reading hottie comes into what feels to her like your space, and feels like she’s approaching, then boom I’m on it “so what ya reading?”

Learn a thing or two from someone who knew how to get the ladies “isolated” quickly: Ted Bundy:

ANYWHERE you see them you must imagine having sex with her, visualize it, feel the desire and lust. ALWAYS do this as soon as you see a woman you find attractive and eventually the state you will go into when seeing a woman will be one of -sexual- state, rather than panic or fear of meeting her. This makes approaching random lone women easier. Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer/sociopath didn’t feel fear or panic when he saw a target. He felt rage, sexual perversion and desire to kill, hence NO fear to approach them, of course wanting to have sex isn’t the same thing, but its still more effective than feeling fear or confusion about your desires and direction.

Don’t worry about invading her personal space. In fact, make sure you do:

Since you aren’t gonna be seductive or sensual standing 2 feet away from her, you need to be within 6-8 inches of her.

Even though you’ve just met her, don’t be afraid to start groping her:

Touch her. Since touch is the first step in getting her comfortable with you as a sexual creature, you want to sneak this in slowly. A good progression is: hands, arms, lowers back, upper back, face (while whispering something to her) and hair, then thighs (hand placed but relatively stationary), and upper legs.

Don’t take no for an answer unless she really really means it:

I commonly get snubbed, the cold shoulder … or overall rejected with the women I have sex with right away, but I just persist and eventually things take a turn. 

And remember, get her alone as quickly as possible:

ISOLATE. You cannot have sex with women in public or in front of people with any consistency. If that’s your bag, try it with women you are already in a relationship with. You have to get her alone with you. ANY opportunity to isolate BEFORE going into sexual state should be taken as well of course.

If she’s with friends, stalk her like a panther stalks his prey until she is alone:

At a bar, when you see a group and want one of them, WAIT for her to leave the herd, wait for her to be coming out of the bathroom (not IN as she may have to piss bad), wait for her to go to the bar to get a drink, wait for her to be ALONE to approach, and then try to keep her from her friends.

And don’t give up:

Of course if a girl NEVER goes into sexual state for a long period of time, you just try to isolate her anyway and “make the ho say no”. NEVER eject. Always either get either a lay, or a rejection.

Did I mention that you shouldn’t give up? If you’re making out with her and she doesn’t want sex, just keep pressuring her until she says yes:

[S]ometimes, she’ll say “I don’t know you enough” ect. When this happens don’t get mad or upset ect. Just say, “I understand” or “ok, this is nice though huh?” then go back to necking and making out. Eventually go back in for the sex, if happens again say “I understand” and go back in for more kissing and making out, and repeat until it goes through. Hell even if she never gets ready, what have you got better to do than make out with some hot little number? You’ve got no real “make the ho say no” style of getting a close or getting a rejection to work with at this point, as she already has said no but MAY change her mind.

Just remember not to actually rape her:

DO NOT struggle or tug or bear weight on her at this stage, as that is considered rape. Use persistence not force, and you’ll be ok.

 Somehow I don’t have a lot of trouble thinking that the allegations against him might just possibly be true.

On the discussion forum for his “Witching Hour” podcast, though, while many of his fans seem genuinely shocked by what has happened, at least some of are defending him, or otherwise making light of the shooting.

One started a topic called “Shoot to Kill,” and declared “Thats my man.”

Another chimed in with a little ditty:

Shoot to kill, Klamath Hills
too many podcasts and too many pills yeah!
Shoot to thrill, pickup skills
Jerkin off to Barry Kirkey gonna fire at will

(Barry Kirkey is another PUA guru who has done podcasts with Gunwitch.)

Still another offered this take:

Im sure Gun has a perfectly good reason for shooting that girl in the face

This last comment struck some on the message board as utterlly hilarious.

I’ll update this, or perhaps do more posts, as the story develops.

Big thanks to the Man Boobz reader who alerted me to this story.

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>Flash Mob


How to get downvoted on 2XC. 

By now I assume you all have heard about the “I see his penis out” incident involving a flasher on a New York subway and a woman who turned out to not be a big fan of his flashing. Some in the Man Boobz demographic may have heard about it on Jezebel or Hollaback! Others in this blog’s deeply divided demo may have seen it, I’m guessing, while idly perusing the forums for helpful tips.

In any case, it’s inspired a lot of discussion online, including this blog post, written by a woman who was decidedly not supportive of the dude with the dick out. This seemingly uncontroversial anti-flashing stance was not appreciated by one visitor to the TwoXChromosomes subreddit on Reddit, who contributed the sarcasm-laden doozy of a comment screencapped above. Apparently, complaining about penis-flashing is “misandry.”

An insane accusation of misandry? Someone’s been reading MRA message boards!