#metoo open thread rape culture

Bill Cosby released from prison for completely bullshit reason: Open Thread

What motherfucker just got released from prison because he made a deal he never should have been allowed to make

I’m stunned. Bill Cosby is walking free.

black lives matter open thread

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 years for the killing of George Floyd: Open Thread

Rot in jail

More details here and here.

#FreeBritney open thread

#FreeBritney! Open thread

Britney Spears is currently fighting to free herself from what seems to be an incredibly abusive conservatorship that has for 13 years basically put her entire life — from her finances to her reproductive choices — in the hands of her estranged father.

capybaras off topic open thread

Capybara dance party and open thread

Sometimes reading manosphere stuff turns my brains to mush. So let’s take a little break, with the assistance of a bunch of capybaras. Also this is an open thread.

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Impeachment Acquittal Open Thread

Well, that was depressingly predictable, huh? Let’s hope this grifter has to face a real court — or ten — for some of his (alleged) other crimes, financial and otherwise.

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He’s gone, he’s really gone: Inauguration Open Thread

Donald Trump leaving the White House (re-enactment)

I can finally unclench my jaw. Trump is out of the White House. There were no riots, no deaths today.

open thread traitor in chief

Impeached Again: Open thread

So the House has voted to impeach Donald Trump, for a second time. His trial in the Senate, alas, won’t be happening until after Biden is sworn in. Here’s hoping Trump won’t do too much more damage to our country in the last six days of his term.

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MAGA mob shuts down Capitol: Open Thread

Inside the Capitol building

I‘d say “unbelievable,” but unfortunately this is all too believable.

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Rough night for Mitch: Senate Open Thread!!

We’re still waiting for a bunch of outlets to call this thing, but the Economist has called the Georgia senate races for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

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Goodbye 2020, we’re not going to miss you: New Year Open Thread

Goodbye, don’t come back now you hear

Glad that’s over. Let’s celebrate the end of a terrible, terrible year and welcome in the new one, which we can only hope will be a little bit better.