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Black incel: “Release black men from the shackles of thinking black women are attractive”

Boy bye

Are there back incels, you might find yourself wondering. Yes, yes there are. Are they any less racist than their lighter-skinned counterparts? Sadly, based on what I’ve seen, no.

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12 reasons why the MGTOW subreddit deserved to be banned

Yes, they are the baddies.

Yesterday, at long last, Reddit banned the MGTOW and MGTOW2 subreddits for promoting hate.

After I posted the news to Twitter one angry respondent asked why:

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Laura Ingraham guest chastizes Simone Biles for not “working through” her sex abuse trauma before competing in the Olympics

Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo 

Are Fox News hosts or guests human? It’s something I found myself wondering, and not for the first time, while watching a recent clip from Laura Ingraham’s terrible show in which she and guest Raymond Arroyo mulled over superstar gymnast Simone Biles’ decision to drop out of a number of events at the Olympics because she couldn’t get her head in the game.

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The real victim in the Simone Biles controversy is this white dude talking shit about her who got criticized for being a white dude talking shit about her

You don’t need a PhD in Critical Race Theory to notice that a lot of the knuckleheads talking shit about Simone Biles for dropping out of the Olympics are white dudes who couldn’t do a single cartwheel to save their lives. Piers Morgan. Charlie Kirk. Ben Shapiro.

Oh, and this dude, Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports, who seems mad that Biles’ mental health isn’t bad enough to keep her from sports altogether.

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Incel “sexual communists” want to “seize the means of reproduction,” which, if you’re a woman, is you

Incels, if they think about politics at all, tend to lean right — pretty far right in some cases. But there’s a distinct, if relatively tiny, bunch of incels who claim to be leftists and even Marxists. Let’s just say their version of Marxism bears little resemblance to the original flavor.

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The only people MGTOWs hate more than white women are black women

A MGTOW’s worst nightmare?

MGTOWs — most of them white — spend more time talking about white women than they do any other demographic group. And what they have to say is not exactly flattering:

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Weirdo black conspiracy theorist hates Bird Box because “no good-looking brother would want a pregnant, pale, pig-nose beast like Sandra Bullock.” And that’s just the beginning.

Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes in Bird Box

By David Futrelle

It isn’t just the white supremacists who are mad about Bird Box. No, it turns out that at least one black supremacist has some big problems with the Netflix post-apocalyptic horror hit as well. And his issues with the film are even weirder than theirs.

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White supremacists are taking the royal wedding hard

Happily pissing off the world’s racists

By David Futrelle

Pity the poor white supremacists on this, the Royal Wedding day. Unless you spent the day trapped in a well, and that well didn’t have a television or internet access or cell phone reception, you know that today is the day that Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the royal knot. You probably also know that the newly minted Duchess of Sussex is mixed-race, with a white father and black mother.

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Lady MRA Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie goes full Nazi. Or does she?

Andrea Hardie: To Nazi, or not to Nazi?

So our old “friend” Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie is apparently craving attention again. In a blog post a couple of days ago, the erstwhile Men’s Rights Activist (and former A Voice for Men “social media director”) announced to the world that “Yes, I’m a Nazi. And how are you?”

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#DraftOurDaughters: The Alt-Right’s new master (race) plan to defeat Hillary

Alt-Righters: Not fooling anyone
Alt-Righters: Not fooling anyone

So the Alt-Right and its fellow travelers have a brilliant new strategy to defeat Hillary Clinton — a hashtag (and assorted hashtag-related memes) intended to trick voters, especially women, into thinking that Hillary intends to draft women for an inevitable war with Russia.