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Anti-vaxxers just can’t stop talking about big, buff, manly dudes beating people up

Pump you up

You may remember a fellow I wrote about last week — a GOP candidate in Pennsylvania who threatened to take “twenty strong men” into a school board meeting and physically remove the board for mandating masks for kids.

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In the battle betwen John Wayne and Mr. Rogers it’s the gentler soul who’s winning

By David Futrelle

Mr. Rogers, who passed away in 2003, is having a strange but heartwarming posthumous comeback. A kindly father figure for generations of preschoolers, Rogers was recently the subject of a documentary that made grownups weep. Tom Hanks is playing him in a forthcoming feature film. He was even hailed as something of a bisexual icon after old comments of his acknowledging he was attracted to men as well as women resurfaced.

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Stefan Molyneux answers the musical question “why do good girls like bad guys?”

I had this question for a real long time

By David Futrelle

It’s a question asked over, and over, and over, and over, and over again on Tik Tok:

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Bazinga! Globalists are trying to feminize men with weed, robots and The Big Bang Theory, internet dumbasses charge

Sheldon, what exactly are you up to?

By David Futrelle

You may have already heard of the alleged globalist plot to feminize cis men by seducing them into drinking soy lattes, thus turning even the most macho dudes into easily controllable “soyboy” cucks. You may have heard that the government is (allegedly) putting chemicals into our water that turn frogs (and presumably male human beings) gay. You may have even seen videos of young boys in dresses happily singing songs from Frozen with their dads.

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Nazi idiots accuse CDC of lowering “normal” testosterone range in plot to turn men gay

Typical low-testosterone gay men

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By David Futrelle

Watch out, straight dudes! The government is coming for your manhood!

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White dudes! Defend your race by harassing women until they cry, Daily Stormer urges

Andrew Anglin has some issues

For an alleged defender of white womanhood, Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi tip sheet The Daily Stormer really seems to hate white women. In a post yesterday, Anglin urged his fellow racist white dudes to uplift their race by tearing “their” women down.

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Mike Cernovich’s war on reality kicks into overdrive in the wake of Syria attacks

Mike Cernovich: Rejecting your reality and susbstituting his own

When events in the real world challenge our preconceived beliefs, most of us experience a sense of cognitive dissonance; the intellectually honest amongst us ultimately adjust our beliefs to account for these inconvenient truths. Others respond by inventing their own realities in which these truths are deemed falsehoods.

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What the hell kind of sexual facts is Dr. Lawton teaching these men anyway?

I hate the f*ckin eagles, man

So I’m kind of obsessed with the images of burly men in peril that you find on the covers of vintage men’s magazines. One of the things that makes these old covers so charming, aside from the completely ridiculous animal attacks depicted on them, is that the cover art doesn’t always match the headlines that appear on top of it.