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The “war on police” and 8 other things that are tearing American civilization apart, according to Newt Gingrich

I’m taking a few days off from the usual gang of misogynists to explore other terrible people out there in the world being terrible. Today, let me present to you Newt Gingrich, who is still alive and just as terrible as ever.

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“When I’m around women, I pretend to be retarded,” and other tips for gracious living from the MGTOW subreddit

No one is impressed with your story, dude

Over in the MGTOW subredddit, one fellow offers up what he thinks is an ingenious strategy for dealing with demanding women.

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No, you misogynistic dinguses, lab techs don’t regularly find dog semen in pap smears

Dog has questions. So do I.

By David Futrelle

I‘m sorry, everyone, but we’re going to have to talk about “the dogpill” again.

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Paul Elam claims he DIDN’T tweet that women’s suffrage was “America’s biggest blunder.” I think he’s lying, and here’s my evidence

Screenshot of Paul Elam appearing on a YouTube gabfest hosted by his long-time friend and collaborator Tom Golden. Notice the Twitter handle next to Paul’s name. (I added the arrow and the highlighting.)

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, I posted a screenshot from a Twitter account that appeared to be a not-so-clever attempt by Paul Elam, founder of the Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, to evade a Twitter ban.

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The Umbrella Truthers: Embarrassed by Trump’s rainphobia, MAGAs attack Obama over the time a Marine held his umbrella for him

Rain, rain, go away

By David Futrelle

Into each life some rain must fall. Unless, of course, you’re Donald Trump, in which case you do anything and everything you can to keep even a single drop of that foul skywater from touching your elaborately styled and apparently quite delicate combover — even if it means dishonoring the memories of Americans who died serving their country.

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Far-right Proud Boys violently assault protesters in late-night rampage; Fox News declares “Antifa attacks again — swords and vandalism”

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes: He’s the one who drew the sword.

By David Futrelle

Last night the Proud Boys went looking for a fight. After a speech by the group’s founder Gavin McInnes at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, members of the group — a gang of pro-Trump goons who seem to get into fights at every event they attend — were caught on video violently attacking several people who had come out to protest their event, beating and kicking them.

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Deplorables LOVE LOVE LOVE the “I really don’t care” jacket Melania wore to visit caged children in Texas

Melania’s inspiration?

By David Futrelle

You may have been a bit startled, as I was, to learn of Melania Trump’s strange choice of outerwear for her trip to Texas today to comfort, I guess, the immigrant children her husband has kidnapped for their parents’ misdemeanor crime of crossing the border, some of whom may never be returned to their parents because, oops, the Trump administration doesn’t seem to have even bothered to keep track of whose kids are whose.

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TRUMP ANGRY! LAUNCH MISSILES! Today in Tweets, Friday the 13th Edition [UPDATED]

McCabe is Comey! Comey is McCabe! Black is white! Tyranny is freedom!

UPDATE about 5 minutes after this went up: TRUMP ORDERS MISSILE STRIKES ON SYRIA

Here are a few initial reactions to the strikes on Twitter, followed by my original post:

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Neo-Nazis charged with attempted murder after shooting following Richard Spencer speech: Today in Tweets

Colton Fears, Tyler Tenbrink and Wiliam Fears, charged with attempted murder after shooting yesterday

By David Futrelle

Three white supremacists have been charged with attempted murder after one of them fired at a group of antifascist counterprotesters after a speech by neo-Nazi celebrity Richard Spencer at the University of Florida in Gaineville yesterday.

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The 5 Nazi-est moments from Buzzfeed’s exposé of the Milo/Breitbart alt-right sausage factory

Milo Yiannopoulos: Actually worse than you already thought

By David Futrelle

So you all need to drop whatever you’re doing to read Buzzfeed’s amazing exposé of Breitbart’s use of conscienceless troll journalist Milo Yiannopoulos to push white supremacism into the American political mainstream (again).