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Incels: Force “beta cucks” to become women so we can have sex with them

Incels wish they had FaceApp ray guns they could use on unsuspecting men

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, one of the regulars on the horrific cesspool of inhumanity known as posed a question to his fellow “involuntary” celibates: “Should beta cucks be turned into women?”

Not only did most of his colleagues agree, they thought it should be mandatory.

advocacy of violence aggrieved entitlement Alek Minassian elliot rodger empathy deficit entitled babies incel incels irony alert mass killing mass murder is good actually mass shooting men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny commenters agree: Mass murder is a “humanitarian” act, and those repulsed by it should be arrested

Elliot Rodger: Mass murderer, incel inspiration

By David Futrelle — one of the most active online hangouts for self-identified “involuntary celibates” —  is such a cesspool of misogyny and rage that I could probably write ten posts a day based on the hair-raising stuff I find there and never run out of material. Thing is, I don’t have the stomach for that and I doubt many of you do either.