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“Dissident right” website VDare took in millions of dollars from donors eager to spread its hateful message

Conservatives know that, with enough money, you can buy your way into almost any debate. Rich right-wingers have been pouring millions of dollars into think tanks for decades and propping up money-losing periodicals and websites that could never thrive (or possible even survive) on their own. And it works.

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Stefan Molyneux says his YouTube career is in a “death spiral.” I may bust out crying.

Stefan has had a “brutal year”

By David Futrelle

Stefan Molyneux is having a bad time. In a recent YouTube video, the white nationalist philosopher-impersonator chronicles what he calls his “brutal year,” with YouTube views dropping precipitously — due, he says, to alleged unspecified YouTube machinations against him —and his other moneymaking attempts failing. He throws himself on the mercy of his 929,000 YouTube supporters, begging for donations and promising half-seriously to write a new book on whatever subject they collectively demand.

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Brain genius Stefan Molyneux: ADHD is caused by dumb immigrants and shitty single moms

Stefan hits another low note

By David Futrelle

Blabby racist YouTube “philosopher” Stefan Molyneux is brain geniusing again, and it’s not pretty. Though he’s not a doctor, or a psychologist, or really qualified to offer opinions on any subject at all, Mr. M has discovered the cause of ADHD — and conveniently enough it’s a group of people he hates: immigrants!

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Brain genius Stefan Molyneux wants you to know that the only real racism is racism against people who can’t help being so smart

Serious intellectual Stefan Molyneux DESTROYING you with LOGIC and REASON

By David Futrelle

Stephan Molyneux, the gabby YouTube “philosopher” whose racism is as overinflated as his ego, has been spouting nonsense about race and IQ for a long time. But over the last month or so he’s become so utterly obsessed with the subject he can barely go a day without posting some absurd new pronouncement on Twitter.

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Open thread on Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and right-wing terror

The Tree of Life Synagogue

By David Futrelle

Every day, another atrocity. Today, as you know, a viciously hateful neo-Nazi shooter murdered eleven and wounded several others at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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Mammoth Classic: Trump is the very model of Umberto Eco’s Ur-Fascist

This graphic isn’t subtle. Neither is Trump

By David Futrelle

I‘ve written a lot of posts for this blog since I started it in 2010. 3629, to be exact, not including 80 drafts of posts that I decided for some reason weren’t worth posting. It occurs to me that not all readers of this blog have literally read every single post on it. So they — you — may have missed out on some Actual Good Posts of mine from years past.

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“Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell wants mixed-race women to become “breeding opportunities” for racist white dudes

Thirty minutes into Netflix and breed and he gives you this look

By David Futrelle

The last time we checked in on alt-right gun enthusiast Christopher Cantwell, the infamous “crying Nazi” arrested on weapons charges after the debacle in Charlottesville last summer, he was battling online with fellow alt-rightists angry that he had agreed to become an informant for the FBI — which he claimed was part of an ingenious master plan to give the FBI dirt on antifascist activists.

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Return of Kings: Keep immigrants out! Except for sexy lady immigrants, send more of those

Return of Kings dream girls

By David Futrelle

The fellas at garbage site Return of Kings have made their feelings about immigrants pretty clear. If you do a search for “immigrants” on the site, you get a lot of headlines like these:

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Last week: Outraged by Kathy Griffin. Today: Wants London mayor impaled on a pike

Underneath the mask, the alt-right is still the alt-right

Here’s a little case study in alt-right hypocrisy.

Last week, like a lot of people, the wannabe self-help guru and alt-right opinion-haver who calls himself “DarkTriadMan” professed to be outraged by Kathy Griffin posing for photos with a stylized severed head of Donald Trump.

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MGTOWs blame Ariana Grande for Manchester bombing, demand her execution for “treason”

Ariana Grande: MGTOW enemy #1

Ariana Grande has been getting a lot of hate from alt-rightists and other assholes in the wake of the terrorist bombing that killed nearly two dozen after she performed in Manchester.