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Vox Day wrote lyrics for an early-nineties industrial dance band. They’re just awful.

Vox Day, techno pop star

As racist, woman-hating fantasy writer Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale) likes to remind people, he was kind of a big deal in the industrial dance music scene back in the day, with three Billboard Club Hits to his name.

Well, sort of. Beale — he wasn’t known as Vox back then — was briefly a member of a largely forgotten industrial dance group called Psykosonik in the early nineties.

Now, I was listening to a lot of industrial dance music back in those days, and was particularly enamored of the label (Wax Trax!) that Psykosonik was on. Yet somehow I never noticed them.

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New Year's Eve (and Day) Open Thread 80s Dance Party!

On the wheels of steel
On the wheels of steel

It’s New Year’s Eve (at least in my time zone) and I’m sure none of us want to spend it thinking about MRAs or PUAs or GamerGaters. So here’s an open thread, and an assortment of 80s dance classics, to distract you! Well, they’re classics to me, anyway.

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