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>Campus creep out


Damn you, accursed temptress!

In a discussion of rape on campus over on, one of the regulars, a college student, complains that people see him as “creepy,” for no good reason. His tale of injustice begins:

Whenever I’m on campus, I’m eyed by the security guards. Not because I’m dangerous, but because I’m MALE.

Being male and a college student seems to be a crime of sorts.

Let’s stop right here. Bullshit. On most campuses, guys make up half the population. Dude, unless you’ve accidentally wandered onto the main quad of Wellesley College with your dick hanging out, or you’re otherwise acting weirdly or suspiciously, campus security guards aren’t going to give you a second look. Either you’re lying, or you’re imagining things, or you aren’t telling us the whole story.

Back to the comment:

What about the women who taunt the men sexually? I’m not saying that women are asking to be raped, but a LOT of women give blowjobs to professors for higher grades, and trade sexual favors, all because they’re HOT.

Uh, ok, that’s not actually true. Unless by “a LOT” you mean “a tiny number.” But it is an … interesting assumption. Also, starting any sentence with the phrase “I’m not saying that women are asking to be raped” is generally a bad sign, in the same way that Richard Nixon saying “I am not a crook” was a bad sign.

On with the rest of the comment:

And since I’m not HOT, I’m automatically seen as a creepy rapist? Fuck that shit. I respect women, I have NEVER made an inappropriate comment towards women. I’m also afraid to express myself sexually, for fear of it taken the wrong way.

Thank you, feminist hags, for making me into something I’m not: a criminal!

Ok. Let’s break this down. You “respect women,” yet you complain about them “taunt[ing] … men sexually,” and assume that “a LOT” of them are getting good grades just because they give blow jobs to profs. You’ve “NEVER made an inappropriate comment towards women,” yet given a little bit of internet anonymity you’re happy to call feminists “hags,” a gender-specific insult if ever there were one.

I don’t know. Could it be that women — and, heck, maybe even a few security guards — find you creepy because, uh, you’re walking around angry all the time, full of hatred and resentment towards half the population?

Just a guess.

EDITED TO ADD: More on the “creep” issue here

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>How to blame feminism for everything: Airport Lesbians Edition


Gropes for everyone!

So I had been assuming that the creepily intrusive new airport screening procedures — you know, the whole “let us look at you naked or we’ll grope you” thing — was the fault of a government willing to trade away our last vestiges of privacy for an illusion of security. But apparently, it’s feminism that’s to blame. And lesbians. “Rex Patriarch,” a blogger who is definitely going his own way, suggests that the new procedures are the “final result” of feminism gone bad:

Look who now runs the TSA, a bull dyke control freak. Look at who works for TSA, bull dyke control freaks and mangina white knights. This army of control freaks was created by feminism. Feminism is not about equality it is about upsetting the natural order creating female superiority through the abuse of men which then mutates into government superiority through the abuse of men and women outside the system.

Mr. Patriarch’s post was, ironically, inspired by a news story about India’s (female) ambassador to the US being groped — er, patted down — by a female Transportation Security Administration screener. I’m not quite sure how that promotes female superiority.

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>(Surreal) Dolls on holiday


I really have nothing to say about this discussion on The Doll Forum: A Meeting Place for Adult Doll Owners & Admirers. So I’ll let “Zara’s” boyfriend/owner/creepy dude explain: 

Our first holiday away, just Zara, myself, the van and the open road. We’re off to to visit some friends of Zara and I, spend some alone time and see some sights up and down the east coast. I’ll add photos every week or so of what we got up to and who we met.

Packing the van for the trip invovled more issues than I had first thought. Packing for Zara meant packing for two and she needed more room for her gear than I did. 

 More creepy photos at the link.