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MRA memelogic: Women can’t complain about the wage gap if anyone earns less than them

Men’s Rights activists like to pretend that the wage gap between men and women is imaginary (it’s not), except when they can use it as an excuse to attack women.

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Women are bitches: A new theory on the wage gap from the Men’s Rights subreddit

The standard MRA take on the gender wage gap is that it’s totally a myth disproved by SCIENCE. But now the gap is apparently a real thing again in MRA-land, or at least in the Men’s Rights subreddit, because a fellow calling himself mrwhibbley has figured out a way to blame it on the ladies: For…

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>Fall into the Wage Gap

> Before computers, workers just stared at their desks. In their attempts to downplay or simply deny the Wage Gap between men and women, MRAs often turn to a study by the CONSAD research company that was commissioned by the Bush administration. According to CONSAD, their analysis demonstrates that it is not possible now, and…

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>Further Reading: The Gender Pay Gap

> Men’s Rights Myth: The Pay Gap between men and women doesn’t exist, but if it does, it’s because women choose to take lesser paying jobs, or because they decide to have kids, or because men work more dangerous jobs, or something. The Truth: It’s complicated. Some of those things do make a difference. But…

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“We’re expected to provide, protect, provision, promote and surrender our sperm” and other long-winded lessons from the Men’s Rights subreddit

One thing I’ve noticed about Men’s Rights Activists is that they like to type. Type, type, type — they LOVE it!

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Men’s Rights Redditor: Feminists loathe MRAs because they want to be abusive girlfriends and MRAs won’t let them get away with it

By David Futrelle A young Men’s Rights Redditor named Destonreson is puzzled by the hostility directed at him and others of his kind.


Right-wing baby men are struggling to stir up outrage over a new Nissan ad starring Brie Larson

By David Futrelle So there’s a new Nissan ad featuring Brie Larson, and the internet’s biggest babies want you to think that they’re OUTRAGED.

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Men’s Rights Activists are losing it over a new version of Monopoly in which women make more than men

By David Futrelle From time to time, game company Hasbro gets bored and greedy and decides to perk up sales a little with a novelty version of the game Monopoly.

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When lobsters attack: Jordan Peterson fanboys invade my blog and leave some stinky droppings

By David Futrelle I wrote a quick post on Jordan Peterson earlier this week — just some brief commentary on a couple of videos Sam Seder did on the Canadian crackpot. It must have gotten linked someplace Peterson fanboys gather, because a small army of them invaded my comments section.

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Men are oppressed by earning more than women, ingenious Men’s Rights Redditor insists

By David Futrelle Men’s Rights Activists generally respond to discussions of the wage gap between men and women by snidely dismissing it as a long-disproven myth. (It’s very definitely not.)

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