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MRA Comics Cavalcade, Part One: The Pigman and Pals

Reading this blog, you might get the impression that Men’s Rights activists lack a sense of humor. Not so! Some of them even make their own hilarious comics! I’d like to celebrate three of the finest MRA cartoons I’ve seen thus far in the first edition of what I’d like to call the MRA Comics…

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Why do Men’s Rights Activists hate the heroes of the Aurora theater shooting?

Our old nemesis The Pigman — the MRA blogger and one half of the cartooning team responsible for atrocities like this — has some thoughts on the Aurora shootings, specifically on the men who lost their lives to protect their girlfriends from gunfire. Their heroism makes him angry, much like the fellows on The Spearhead…

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Fragile masculinity: Men’s Rights Activists outraged by research suggesting male Trump voters are worried about their dicks

It’s PLEDGE DRIVE time again! WHTM is ad free and entirely dependent on folks like you for its continued existence. If you can afford it, please DONATE HERE NOW! Thanks! By David Futrelle The Washington Post caused a bit of a stir on the internet today with an article by two academic researchers offering some rather intriguing evidence…

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Men’s Rights Redditors rebut my piece in The Cut with fat jokes, puns on my name

By David Futrelle Men’s Rights Redditors are offering some powerful rebuttals of my piece in New York Magazine’s TheCut on the ways that Men’s Rights can serve as a gateway drug to the so-called Alt Right.

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Men’s Rights Activists respond thoughtfully to the upcoming “World Without A Woman” strike

So the people who brought us the Women’s March on Washington have another big idea: A general strike of all American women. So far the idea looks to be just that, an idea; they haven’t even picked a date yet.

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Men’s Rights Redditors predict a dystopian gynocracy under President Hillary Clinton

I sometimes lie awake at night imagining the eldritch horrors of a Trump presidency. Men’s Rights Redditors, by and large, seem pretty stoked by the possibility. No, what keeps them awake at night is the thought of Hillary Clinton behind the desk in the Oval Office.

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Who’s making the Men’s Rights movement look so bad? Reddit MRAs declare: “Not me!”

Men’s Rights Redditors came dangerously close to achieving a moment of self-awareness yesterday. But the crisis was averted, and the Men’s Rights subreddit was able to safely return to its habitual obliviousness, with all of its illusions intact.

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The Curious Case of the Disappearing A Voice for Men Facebook Page

Something weird is going on. Yesterday, A Voice for Men’s Facebook page was temporarily suspended. I’m not sure how long it was down, but by the time I discovered Paul Elam’s announcement of the suspension late last night, it had been restored. Elam — who apparently decided to come out of retirement for the occasion…

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Men’s Rights Redditors respond to my Urban Dictionary post with closely reasoned, substantive arguments

Well, it seems that some of the good folks on the Men’s Rights subreddit have taken issue with my post this morning congratulating them on their massive victory in brigading their preferred definition of “MRA” into the top spot on Urban Dictionary. Apparently they think I was trying to brigade their victory away from them. Let’s take a…

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NEWS QUIZ: Which of the following comment(s) about pedophilia garnered downvotes in the Men's Rights subreddit

Popular British TV personality Stephen Fry recently complained to BBC’s Newsnight that he thought the Jimmy Savile scandal has led many to unfairly assume the worst about other 70s era disc jockeys and “light comedians.” He went on to say: If you want to talk about rock stars, do we have to name the rock…