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Aimee Terese: Vibrators are symbols of capitalist alienation

By David Futrelle Probably none of you have been wondering just what Aimee Terese has been up to lately but I’m going to tell you anyway.


Is it bad praxis for a comedian to speak up about sex pest Louis CK? Aimee Terese and her Skidmarxist comrades say yes

By David Futrelle The last time we checked in on the Skidmarxists — which is what I’m now calling the post-Dirtbag-Left collection of faux leftists who use Marxian verbiage to defend Nazis, attack feminists, and justify slur-filled shitposts — one of their own, Aimee Terese, was attacking lefty writer and podcaster Jamie Peck as an…

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QUIZ: Who called #MeToo accusers a bunch of “starf*ckers” — putative leftist Aimee Terese or professional misogynist Paul Elam?

By David Futrelle It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a certain subspecies of contemporary leftist — the anti-“identity politics” types who take a naughty delight in dismissing their foes as “retarded” — and the pepe-posting assholes of the alt-right and/or the woman-hating dinguses of the Men’s Rights Movement.

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Aimee Terese responds to my post about her with warmed-over MRA talking points

By David Futrelle Australian podcaster and putative leftist Aimee Terese has annoyed a lot of people on Twitter with her bizarre attack on freelance journalist Talia Jane for going public with the gross DM she’d gotten from a male journalist, suggesting to Jane that she was so ugly that she should feel flattered that anyone…

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We Hunted the Mammoth Greatest Hits of 2019: Year of the Vulva

By David Futrelle I suppose I’m a day late with this one, but I thought I’d take a look back at some of the most popular posts on We Hunted the Mammoth over the last year. SO let’s take a little trip down memory lane and remember 2019: The Year of the Vulva.

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Sunday Evening Bad Tweet Attack

By David Futrelle I regret to inform you that the bad tweeters are at it again. Here, an assortment of very bad takes, from some familiar names and a few up-and-comers.

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Skidmarxists Amber A’Lee Frost and Anna Khachiyan trash feminists, liberals and Antifa in an interview with Spiked

By David Futrelle So what does it mean that two of the most prominent young alleged leftists are winning high praise from the performatively heterodox reactionary site Spiked?

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Lefty podcaster attacks a journalist who reported a creepy DM with an EVEN CREEPIER tweet

By David Futrelle On Sunday, freelance journalist Talia Jane took to Twitter to report a truly grotesque sexual message she’d gotten from a male colleague whom she later identified as Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg.