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“Bitter Spinsters Will Be The Death Of The West,” Unmarried Middle-aged Man Proclaims

Woman-hating skirt-chasers love to imagine the women who won’t sleep with them — and any other woman who offends their delicate male sensibilities — growing old alone and unloved, except by their small armies of cats.

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White Nationalist gurus declare war on witches, and feminists, and feminist witches, and maybe just women in general

Short of throwing her in a pond to see if she floats, how exactly does one go about spotting a real live witch? It’s easy, according to wannabe Witchfinder General F. Roger Devlin. All you really need to know is that witches tend to be two-bag ugly.

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Nazoid pickup artist predicts low-testosterone future of cucks, cat people, floppy ears

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a cat sitting on a human face forever. That, at least, is the nightmare vision of the future of these United States that emerges from a recent post by pickup-artist-cum-Nazoid-philosopher James “Heartiste” Weidmann.

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The Women’s March was full of bitter, childless bitches, bitter childless dude complains

Were the Women’s Marches last Saturday an inspiring act of resistance to the incoming Trump regime, or just a collection of bitter, aging childless bitches looking for some drama in their lives?

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Gals! Drive away creepy dudes with dirty socks, condoms, and the Pixie Cut of Doom

Famously lady hating garbage site Return of Kings has published another one of their helpful posts outlining simple ways that women can drive away the sort of guy who takes dating advice from, well, Return of Kings.

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MGTOW strikes blow for freedom by refusing to work for woman with thick-rimmed glasses

More inspiring news from the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit: One brave man has taken a stand for male freedom by turning down a job because he would have had to report to a woman. With thick-rimmed glasses, to boot.

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Are feminists conspiring to make all women as ugly as they are? Misogynistic douchebags say “yes.”

Back in the day – way, way back in the day – dudes opposed to women’s suffrage loved to depict suffragettes as ugly spinsters (that is, when they weren’t depicting them as sexy young women using their feminine wiles to manipulate men into supporting suffrage). We looked at some examples of this yesterday and noted…

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Anti-Suffrage Postcard Saturday

There’s an interesting piece over on Collectors Weekly about those anti-Suffragette postcards I sometimes use to illustrate my posts here. (Thanks to Jezebel for the link; I’m not exactly a regular reader of Collectors Weekly.) Lisa Hix puts the cards in context, offering a sort of mini-history of the suffragette movement in the process, and…

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Choosy Women Are a Threat to Civilization, Part 2: Electric Boo-hoo-aroo

Everyone knows that choosy mothers choose Jif. But when it comes to men rather than peanut butter, apparently choosy women are choosing THE END OF CIVILIZATION by not choosing to date the sorts of nice fellows who later become bitter misogynistic Men Going Their Own Way. In a post over on, Todd1968 spells out…

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Patriactionary: Women who hit the age of 40 without a husband or kids deserve to be alone and miserable the rest of their lives.

Over on Patriactionary, a proudly reactionary and patriarchal Christian blog, the blogger who calls himself electricangel is angry at himself – for not being an even bigger douchebag than he already is. You see, he’s just heard from his wife that one of her friends isn’t happy about hitting the big 4-0. Apparently, his wife’s…