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Women cut their hair short for Facebook likes from other women who secretly think they look ugly, Red Pill doofus explains

By David Futrelle “Red Pill” dudes are forever baffled by women with short hair. Since these dudes consider short hair on women inherently unattractive — I guess it’s not traditionally feminine enough for their tastes? — they don’t believe anyone could ever prefer short hair over long hair on women, and can’t understand why any…

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Manosphere douchebag declares war on “fat, short-haired, tattooed girls who look deranged”

So Return of Kings has another of its click-baity woman-hating posts up, with the less-than-intriguing title 20 Reasons Why Modern Women Are So Unstable And Miserable.

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Pickup guru Roosh V: Women who cut their hair short are committing self-harm — and should be “monitored by authorities”

The war of short-haired women against dudes and their pants feelings continues. Indeed, it’s gotten so bad that pickup artist/rape legalization proponent Roosh V is calling for state intervention. In a blog post today, Mr. V cites a passage in an Evo Psych textbook suggesting that men tend to prefer long hair on women because healthy…

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Return of Kings: Beware the insidious danger of the short-haired girl!

Having previously taken on such dire threats to Western Civilization as “fat girls,” “manginas,” and “rape tourettes,” the pickup-artists-cum-worldly-philosophers over at Roosh Valizadeh’s Return of Kings blog have decided to take on an even more insidious danger: Women — sorry, girls — with short hair. In an alarming expose, guest blogger Tuthmosis reveals the shocking…

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Manosphere blogger: “Feminism is a morbidly obese, sexually promiscuous, short-haired, tattooed, cussing beast whom no man can ever love or trust.”

Does anyone read newspaper comics any more? Does anyone even remember reading newspaper comics? One of the worst of the bunch is a mawkish little one-panel strip called “Love is …,” with a simple formula: a little drawing of a plump, happy, naked couple (minus sex organs), with a caption starting off with the words…

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>Ruthless Lady-People: Short-haired, smelly, muffin-eating lady-people

> Women not only eat muffins — they decapitate them! Over on an angry-man site that would be called The Pearhead if you removed an “S” from its name, a fellow named Alcuin has a few complaints about the ladies. Let’s listen in, shall we? Western women are ruthless. They will destroy a family with…

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Incel Redditor: Women who like their hair pulled during sex “should be treated like livestock”

By David Futrelle So, you ask, or maybe you don’t, what are the incels on Reddit getting mad about today? Well, at least seventy of them — to judge by their upvotes — are getting pig-biting mad at a cartoon by a woman who enjoys having her hair pulled during sex.

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Haircutting drones: Not quite there yet, as this hilarious video demonstrates

Ok, so this is completely off-topic but here, in video form, is a preliminary attempt to answer a crucial question of our age: Why not use drones to cut hair? After watching the video, I think you will be able to see why.

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“A short ugly hambeast gamed him and got him,” and other tales of MGTOW woe

Men Going Their Own Way have a keen eye when it comes to spotting subtle injustices that the rest of us often miss. Like, for example, the terrible injustice that is … fat chicks dating dudes who aren’t themselves fat.

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Are men oppressed by women who put their hair up in buns?

Pity the poor pickup artists, who have suffered so much at the hands of modern women. Just consider the many cruelties that these malicious females have inflicted on these long-suffering men: Women insult and horrify men by getting tattoos, developing self-esteem, and being fat. They have the temerity to sleep with men that aren’t pickup…