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White nationalists to Scott Adams: Join us!

In the wake of a racist tirade from Dilbert creator Scott Adams, the white nationalists at Counter-Currents are urging the cartoonist and right-wing bloviator to go all the way and embrace white identity politics.

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Scott Adams implies Dilbert was “cancelled” in 77 papers for taking on “woke” corporations. But the papers also dumped Blondie, Mr. Boffo, The Family Circus, and Ziggy

Yesterday, Scott Adams the Dilbert Guy brought us some truly tragic news:

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Scott Adams tries to cash in on the Gilroy shooting by selling eyewitness interviews through his app | Brand New Ugly

You may have reacted to the news of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting with anger, or sadness, or frustration, or some mixture thereof. Dilbert creator and freelance persuasion guru Scott Adams responded by asking himself “what’s in it for me?”

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Scott Adams awkwardly defends a super-awkward Tweet about opponents of Trump

By David Futrelle Like Donald Trump, and like a lot of people who think they’re much smarter than they are, cartoonist-turned-Trump-rationalizer Scott Adams hates to admit he’s wrong. Trouble is, he’s wrong a lot; he can barely open his mouth on Periscope or type out a Tweet without saying something ridiculous if not patently false.

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Scott Adams still thinks Donald Trump is winning, bigly

By virtually all measures, Donald Trump’s presidency is a disaster, lurching from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted disaster.

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Scott Adams: Smearing your political opponents with baseless insinuations is “good persuasion”

Hold onto your hats, everyone, because Scott Adams has discovered something about politics that could be HUGE — if it weren’t something that literally every single person already knows.

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Scott Adams: Maybe Russia did us a yuuuge favor by subverting our democracy

The 4th quarter 2016 We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now WHTM pledge drive continues! If you appreciate the blog, please donate what you can! THANKS!  One of the many tragedies of Donald Trump’s electoral college victory is that it has given Dilbert creator and Dunning-Kruger poster boy Scott Adams an even more inflated belief in his own…

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Scott Adams: Hillary is the scary choice for president because she sometimes DRISNKS sorry DRINS I mean DRINKS

What the hell is going on in Scott Adams’ busy little brain? The Dilbert cartoonist and master persuader is now trying to persuade his readers that Hillary Clinton, not the volatile, easily angered Donald Trump, is the truly dangerous choice for president. Because she’s been known to drink sometimes. And Trump supposedly doesn’t drink. At…

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#Hillbullies: MasterPersuader Scott Adams discovers hashtag of doom for Hillary C

Watch out, Hillary Clinton! Dilbert creator and self-described master persuader Scott Adams has discovered the Twitter hashtag that will spell your doom! #Hillbullies.

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Scott Adams accuses Twitter of possible TREASON for shadowbanning him, maybe

I may have given out the first Donald Trump Memorial Award for Complete Lack of Self Awareness to the wrong person earlier today. Because, as much as Matt Forney deserves the award, Scott Adams may deserve it even more. For some of the same reasons, even.

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