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Do Not Bang: Pickup Artist Roosh V embraces Jesus, bans talk of “fornication” from his web forums

By David Futrelle A couple of months back, you may recall, the infamous pickup artist and ironic rape legalization proponent Roosh V announced that he had taken “the God pill,” embracing Jesus and Orthodox Christianity, after getting really, really high on mushrooms. (No, really.)

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If you liked Roosh V’s “globohomo psyop” tweet, you’ll love these 22 OTHER tweets blaming “globohomos” for everything from the “trans agenda” to killer fungus

By David Futrelle Twitter is abuzz today with talk of “globohomo psyops” after discovering a tweet from our old friend Roosh V, the rapey pickup-artist-turned-crackpot-moralist, claiming that the first-ever black hole photo that took over the internet yesterday was some sort of “globohomo” hoax designed to make women look good.

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Roosh V warns straight dudes that liking women’s butts is a “gateway to homosexuality” (UPDATED with more butt content)

NOTE: This post has been updated with more on Roosh and butts. By David Futrelle Roosh Valizadeh is the internationally recognized expert in how to have sex with women who tell you “no” thirty times, yet not be formally charged with rape. Apparently he has also become an expert in the etiology of homosexuality, at…

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Skeezy PUA-cum-conspiracy-theorist Roosh V claims the synagogue shooting was a false flag arranged by the Dems, the FBI, the ADL and a local JCC

By David Futrelle Roosh V, everyone’s favorite rapey pickup artist and wannabe alt-rightist, has morphed into a full-fledged conspiracy theorist, pushing a bizarre false flag explanation for yesterday’s synagogue shooting — seeming to suggest that it was some sort of joint Democratic Party/FBI/Anti-Defamation League project designed to sway the elections and shut down the Nazi-friendly…

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Pickup artist Roosh V edges ever closer to neo-Nazism with an attack on “cosmopolitan,” “degenerate” Jews

Pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh continues his long march to literal Nazidom. Roosh’s far-right leanings have been obvious for some time, and he’s not exactly shy about his racism. But so far he’s managed to avoid one topic of great interest amongst those who think Hitler had some good ideas, if you…