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Roosh V shutters Reaxxion, his dopey game site “for masculine men,” due to people forgetting he even had a game site

It is with heavy heart that I bring you this news: Reaxxion, the dopey video game site that racist skeezeball PUA and rape legalization proponent Roosh V set up at the height of #Gamergate, has been shut down. Wait, did I say “with heavy heart?” I meant AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

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Roosh V's game site Reaxxion tricked into publishing an old John Birch Society pamphlet as a #GamerGate manifesto

Reaxxion, Roosh Valizadeh’s embarrassment of a gaming site, recently published am apocalyptic GamerGate manifesto under the title “#Gamergate Is A Critical Battle In The War To Save Western Society.” In the manifesto, posted by someone calling himself Allan Quatermain – presumably not his real name – defines GamerGate as

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Roosh's Reaxxion: Douchebag Non-Gamer Starts Gaming Website for Douchebags

Worlds are colliding: Roosh Valizadeh, the reactionary, woman-hating pick-up guru, is starting a #GamerGate inspired game site, just as #GamerGate itself is descending into a morass of mutual recriminations and generalized douchebaggery. Reaxxion – the title presumably a reference to Roosh’s neo-reactionary political views – doesn’t seem to have officially launched yet, but it is…

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Matt Forney celebrates Gawker bankruptcy with harassing Tweets, lack of self-awareness

Yesterday, longtime GamerGate bete noire Gawker Media filed for bankrupcty. On KotakuInAction, Reddit’s main GamerGate hangout, the regulars cheered what they saw as Gawker’s long-deserved demise:

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Pickup guru Roosh V thinks he’s beaten those opposing his talk tomorrow in Montreal. In fact, he’s proved their point.

Tomorrow, pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh’s four-country “world tour” comes to Montreal, Canada and it’s fair to say it has hit a few snags. The first little snag, as you may already have heard, was a petition asking the Canadian government to bar Roosh’s entry into the country as a literal hatemonger. It…

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Red Dead Feminism: Are evil femi-commies trying to turn video gaming into another Soviet Union?

Over on Roosh V’s endearingly clueless gaming site Reaxxion, a self-described Red Piller named Mike Caputo is still mad at writer and experimental game developer Devin Wilson for suggesting, in a Gamasutra blog post last August, that video games aspire to be more than just “fun.” This wouldn’t seem to be a particularly radical notion.…

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Sarkeesian Effect Breakup Videos vs Tiny Puppies Struggling with Stairs

The things I do for you people. Over the past few days I’ve been catching up with the small flood of Youtube videos that have come out that deal with l’affaire Sarkeesian Effect Breakup. The result is that I’ve spent so much time listening to Davis Aurini explain his terrible side of the story that…

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Roosh's Revenge Fantasy: The pickup artist and Gawker-media-hater writes a short story about the murder of an SJW blogger

Roosh Valizadeh has long fantasized about ruining the professional lives of alleged “social justice warrior” journalists who criticize racist and misogynistic assholes like himself. Now he’s fantasizing about murdering them. Yesterday, the pickup guru and “Return of Kings” founder posted a short story on his personal blog about a twentysomething mailroom worker who loses his…

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If a #GamerGate-r plagiarises the John Birch Society on your blog and no one notices, does it make a sound?

Reaxxion, the world’s crappiest right wing woman-hating excuse for a video game site, has now officially responded to my post revealing that a GamerGate manifesto they recently published was literally a repurposed John Birch Society newspaper ad from the mid-1960s, with words like “communist” removed and replaced with their GamerGate equivalents. Whether the, er, “author”…

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This just in: Pretty chicks are ruining video gaming. Also ugly ones.

Over on Roosh’s Return of Kings site, the lovely individual known as Redpiller1985 has totally figured out what has ruined video games, which sadly “have declined since their great rise in the 70′s-00′s.” He’s looking at you, ladies! Ok, well, that’s not exactly a new sentiment to hear from a #GamerGater. But Redpiller1985 has managed…