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How to Hate and Envy Every Single Person in the World, PUAhate edition

The regulars at – we’ve met them before — are a strange and bitter bunch. Most seem to be self-loathing so-called “incels” who blame their lack of romantic and sexual success on their average or below-average looks. Rejecting the basic premise of the pickup artist crowd – that average guys can transform themselves into…

a woman is always to blame alpha males are these guys 12 years old? evil sexy ladies evil women imaginary oppression incel men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny PUA

Getting their PUAHate on is an … interesting place. A site for debunking the ridiculous claims and shitty behavior of Pickup Artists? Sounds great – at least until you realize that the denizens are mostly dudes who hate PUAs for all the wrong reasons. That is, they hate PUAs not so much for being manipulative scumbags but for…

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No amount of plastic surgery can fix what ails incels: Thoughts on that New York magazine cover story

By David Futrelle New York Magazine has a remarkable cover story out now on incels — more specifically, on the subset of the “involuntarily celibate” who obsess endlessly about getting plastic surgery in order to transform themselves from supposedly hideous unfuckable monsters into handsome Chads with perfectly chiseled faces.

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Chris Cantwell, Men’s Rights Activists, and right-wing fantasies of “defensive” violence

By David Futrelle Yesterday, “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell was booted off of Gab for making just a few too many threatening comments about leftists.

alpha males alt-lite alt-right antifeminism cuck davis aurini elliot rodger grandiosity incel irony alert masculinity men who really shouldn't be making movies men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny PUA PUAhate racism

Davis Aurini attacks Alt-Rightists as soyboy incels who need to become as awesomely virile as he is

By David Futrelle Eventually, it seems, every single far-right nitwit in the United States will be fighting with every other far-right nitwit. Last week, we looked at the miniature civil war that broke out between “crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell and the boys at the Daily Stormer. Today, let’s take a look at another name from…

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Incels embrace Austin bomber Mark Conditt as one of their own. Was he?

By David Futrelle The motives behind the deadly string of bombings that 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt unleashed upon Austin before blowing himself up remain a mystery. A press conference yesterday, in which police revealed that Conditt had made a 25-minute recording confessing his crimes, left observers of the case with far more questions than answers.

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Roosh V: It’s just a matter of time before one of my fans commits a mass shooting

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive is on! Please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks! On his forum today, Roosh V posted this rather chilling assessment of his fans: With so many mass shootings in the States these days, it’s just a matter of time until one of them happens to follow…

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Dylann Roof, apparently a regular commenter at The Daily Stormer, learned his hatred online

It’s yet another reminder that online hate has consequences. In a manifesto of sorts he posted before he shot and killed 9 black people in a Charleston church, Dylann Roof noted that he had learned his racism online. He even specified one of the hate sites that fuelled his hate: the Council of Conservative Citizens. Now…

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“Philosophy of Rape” site argues that “whores and feminazis need to be put in their place through rape,” offers tips to aspiring rapists

  Last year, I wrote about a repellant little “community” on Reddit: the PhilosophyofRape subreddit, devoted to promoting what it called the corrective rape of “filthy, unmitigated, sluts … [t]hat badly need to be punished. Badly.” Reddit being what it is, the subreddit remains up to this day. And now the folks behind it have…

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Sorry, MRAs, You’re Kleenex: Why Men’s Rights Activists have lost control of their brand

While Men’s Rights Activists are quick to label virtually any woman that they disagree with a feminist, they react with outrage when anyone who is not a self-admitted MRA is described as one. The folks at A Voice for Men are still fuming about what they consider a “trust-shattering” media scandal: the fact that a bunch of news outlets…

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