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James Franco's text game was "solid," says pickup artist Christian McQueen

So at this point you presumably all know about James Franco’s less-than-successful attempt to text his way into the pants of a 17-year old fan — which, if it wasn’t just a publicity stunt for his latest movie, which happens to be about a creepy teacher preying on a student, was pretty creepy for real.…

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Check out Mastodon, the slightly clunky but much friendlier Twitter alternative

By David Futrelle Today, I’m taking time out from the regular manosphere horribleness to recommend something nice.

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Internet lady haters furious that a “fat” girl car wins the race in Cars 3

By David Futrelle The ridiculous misogynists who hang out on internet garbage site Return of Kings are pig-biting mad at yet another female character in an action movie. Only this time she’s a talking car.

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Complete idiots respond to the #WomensMarch on Twitter

You may be wondering what the dregs of humanity are saying on Twitter about the Women’s March. The answer? Some pretty amazingly dumb things. Here’s a sampling:

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Is the hashtag #FightForWesternCivilization the worst thing on Twitter today?

Once upon a time, or so the story goes, a reporter asked Gandhi what he thought of Western civilization. “I think it would be a good idea,” Gandhi is said to have replied.

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Trump-loving Muslim-haters escalate their rhetoric in the wake of Nice attack

In the wake of the horrendous attack in Nice last night, Internet Nazis and their enablers on the right took to Twitter to tell their followers and anyone else who would listen that they had been correct all along: Islam is our enemy, Trump is our savior, and any white person who disagrees with these propositions is…

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Internet Nazis call for “day of the rope,” blame Dallas shootings on Obama, cucks, Jews

While Americans attempt to process the horrific killings of five police officers in Dallas, some of the internet’s worst people — that familiar coalition of Anime Nazi trolls, white supremacist “race warriors,” and assorted fellow travelers — have taken to Twitter to spew their familiar brand of hatred and make occasional Kennedy assassination jokes.

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Seduce the ladies with phone chargers, calamari and toilet paper!

So our old pal Christian McQueen the ALPHA PLAYBOY has a prepared a list of “5 Essentials For Your Bachelor Pad (That Will Help You Get Laid).” Along with some suggestions that are actually sort of thoughtful (baby wipes, a soft blanket), one that’s creepy (buy an assortment of phone chargers so she can’t use…

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Alpha Playboys always ask for directions to Starbucks

  Ok, ladies. Go do some lady stuff, like vajazzling or banning bossy or having pillow fights or whatever it is you ladies like to do, because we have some MAN STUFF to talk about today. Oh, gay guys, you can leave too. We STRAIGHT MEN are going to be talking about how to develop…

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Oops! Roosh V’s #FatShamingWeek rallies Fat Acceptance activists, makes fat shamers look like the dicks they are

The gentlemen bloggers of the Manosphere — particularly those obsessed with pickup artistry, a.k.a. “game” — like to pretend that they’re part of some sort of reactionary intellectual renaissance. Indeed, some have even convinced themselves that they’re part of a new “dark enlightenment.” These intellectual pretensions are undercut rather thoroughly by the often puerile content…