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If women want equality, they need to stop wearing makeup, MGTOW political theorist contends

By David Futrelle You, in your foolish ignorance, may believe that men and women — and everyone else besides — deserve equal rights, because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

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Is makeup destroying the human gene pool by enabling ugly women to breed? One MGTOW twerp says “yes”

By David Futrelle Misogynists who have trouble getting dates have long warned of the insidious effects of makeup, which they claim enables ugly women to pass themselves off as hotties and sleep with hotter dudes, which is somehow a crime against humanity because, I’m not sure, I guess because this is unfair to ugly dudes…


You wear makeup because you are a spineless, mindless c**t: Cosmetics Tips from the MGTOW subreddit

By David Futrelle Some straight guys like women who wear makeup. Others prefer the natural look. Still others think women are spineless, mindless consumerist c*nts trying to hide their ugly insides by painting their outsides.

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MGTOWer: Wearing makeup turns women into Darth Vader

On, Marcus20 offers a dire warning for all of his fellow Men Going Their Own Way who may not yet be Going Their Own Way thoroughly enough. This is a gender war. Some men don’t know there’s a war. But almost every man feels something is wrong. Some men who know there’s a gender…

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Women prefer tall men because they die earlier, MGTOW explains

He’s figured you out, ladies! Or so he thinks. One bold MGTOW has a new explanation for why women generally prefer taller men. It’s because every woman is a golddigger at heart, and tall men die younger than short men, which means a briefer wait to cash in on the life insurance.

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“Make-up is for psychopaths,” explains angry MGTOW in intermittently ALL-CAPS rant

MGTOWs have a bit of a thing about makeup, which they consider a dastardly way for ugly women to fool men into thinking they’re hot. MGTOWs dismiss makeup-wearing women as con artists and “spineless, mindless c*nts.” Some MGTOWS even think women should be denied equal rights until they give up the lipstick and eyeliner; others…

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MGTOW Redditors: Women use sophisticated boob-presentation technology to confuse and enslave men, or something

By David Futrelle Fellas! Have you heard about this thing called a “bra?” The ladies wear them on their boobs and get this, they don’t just wear them to keep their bazoongas from going all floppy when they walk around. No, sometimes ladies use sophisticated bra technology to make their boobs look bigger than they…

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Fat women are pretending to be pregnant to get seats on buses, MGTOW conspiracy theorist warns fellow men

By David Futrelle The dudes who hang out in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit are ever alert to the dangers posed to men by their sworn enemies of the female persuasion — from false rape accusers to the duplicitous harpies who try to make themselves look prettier than they really are with “fakeup.”

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Porn star and accused sexual abuser Mercedes Carrera: The only women the MGTOWs ever loved?

By David Futrelle Mercedes Carrera — the porn actress recently charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse — has devoted much of her energy over the past several years to cultivating some of the worst people in the world, from the Gamergate mob to the fascist street gang known as the Proud Boys. And…

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“Boys are becoming girls” because they want to live life on easy mode, completely wrong Reddit MGTOWs declare

By David Futrelle The angry misogynists who call themselves Men Going Their Own Way like to think of themselves as gender nonconformists of a sort, refusing to give in to what they see as intense social pressure to settle down and become husbands and providers — even if such pressure doesn’t actually amount to more…