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Jordan Peterson fans explain catcalling to you

By David Futrelle Women complain a lot about catcalling, but do they really understand how important it is for young men to be able to hoot, whistle, and make gross smoochy sounds with their lips whenever an attractive woman crosses their path?

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Jordan Peterson fans mansplain makeup: “You try to cheat men’s brains by presenting a more sexually attractive face than you really have”

By David Futrelle Reactionary Canadian fussbudget Jordan Peterson was roundly mocked for suggesting that women wearing lipstick are trying to mimic the look of sexual arousal, when women’s lips apparently all turn dark red or pink or perhaps No. 19 Fuchsia Rouge.

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Is Jordan Peterson fan art a sign of the impending apocalypse?

By David Futrelle Some public intellectuals are so public that they inspire entire mini-genres of memes. One can find innumerable memes featuring the indomitable Marxist philosopher and hot dog fan Slavoj Zizek, left icon Noam Chomsky, and panopticon theorist Michel Foucault; even someone as seemingly memeproof as Susan Sontag has inspired a few. Lesser intellects like antifeminist think-tanker…

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Jordan Peterson fans: “Embracing victimhood” is pathetic, unless you’re a white guy who wants to be Captain Marvel or run a med school or something

By David Futrelle Browsing the Jordan Peterson subreddit today, I scrolled past the link to an article on a right-wing clickbait site asserting that “Hate Crime Hoaxes are More Common than You Think.”

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When lobsters attack: Jordan Peterson fanboys invade my blog and leave some stinky droppings

By David Futrelle I wrote a quick post on Jordan Peterson earlier this week — just some brief commentary on a couple of videos Sam Seder did on the Canadian crackpot. It must have gotten linked someplace Peterson fanboys gather, because a small army of them invaded my comments section.

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GrinGate: Jordan Peterson fans cry conspiracy after an unflattering pic of their hero tops the search results

By David Futrelle You have to give Jordan Peterson fans credit for at least one thing: they are unafraid to confront the most challenging questions of our postmodern age. Like, for example: is the slightly unflattering photo of Jordan Peterson that tops the potted biography Google gives you when you search his name evidence of…

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He saw into my soul, basically: A Jordan Peterson fan meets the master, and it’s all a bit culty

By David Futrelle People often joke about the whole Jordan Peterson thing being a cult, but the thing is that it really is pretty damn culty. Consider, for example, this tale of one young acolyte’s meeting with the Holy Man after a recent public debate between J-Peet and top atheist skeezeball Sam Harris.

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Lobster math: Jordan Peterson fans calculate optimal age for men to marry to obtain highest quality females

By David Futrelle There comes a time in every Jordan Peterson fanboy’s life when he starts to think about settling down with a high quality female for mating purposes.

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Jordan Peterson got COVID and now even some of his fans are wondering if his daughter is going to kill him

The PLEDGE DRIVE is almost over! If you’re a fan of this blog, please help fund its continued existence by clicking the button below. THANKS! By David Futrelle The news that Intellectual Dark Webber Jordan Peterson had caught the ‘rona hit his fans on Reddit hard.

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Jordan Peterson is launching Thinkspot, a “free speech” platform where his fanboys can downvote posts they dislike and make them vanish

By David Futrelle Jordan Peterson, the sulky alt-lite celebrity professor who likes to sue people who disagree with him, has announced the imminent arrival of his new Free Speech Social Media platform Thinkspot, which promises to be the freest free speech venue in human history except that you have to pay for it and if…