age gap incels misogyny pedophiles oh sorry ephebophiles sexual exploitation statutory rape apologists

30-year-old incels suffering from arrested development should be allowed to have sex with 14-year-olds because “mentally we’re still teenagers,” incel insists

Well here’s a terrible post for you all from an incel who thinks he’s come up with the ultimate excuse for pedophilia, oh sorry hebephilia — you know, the one in which they want to fuck girls 14 or younger.

chad enforced monogamy friend zoning incels misogyny sexual inequality stacies

Incel imagines a utopian future of government-issued girlfriends for incels and Nuremberg trials for Chads

Incels certainly have vivid imaginations, whether they’re looking at the present, reinventing the past or imagining the future.

evil short-haired women gender policing heartiste incels misogyny PUA transphobia

Incels and PUAs agree: “Feminists are just self-hating women who want to be men”

You might think that incels and pickup artists would be the deadliest of enemies, hating each other and agreeing on nothing.

incels misogyny violence against women

Women shouldn’t be allowed to see or speak, explains dude who’s posted 587 times on

They have such … interesting discussions over on the forums. And by “interesting” I mean “stomach-churningly horrendous.”

anti-Semitism incels misogynoir misogyny racism

Incels, they’re just like you and me! (If you’re a weirdo bigot who wants women to suffer.)

When you visit the forum for the first time, this is what you see draped over the entrance — a surprisingly friendly invitation to involuntary celibates to join in the discussions there.

chad elliot rodger incels mass shooting misogyny stacies

Some incels are hailing the Oxford High School shooter as the new Elliot Rodger

I haven’t seen the incels this excited by a shooter in a long time.

anti-Semitism chad incels

Incels: The Powerpoint challenge

It occurred to me, while browsing around earlier today, that a lot of incel posts would be a little less depressing to contemplate if they took the form of powerpoint presentations.

artificial wombs incels sex

Attention all Incels! A microscopic beetle mite proves animals can survive thousands of years without having sex

I saw the headline while browsing Twitter this afternoon: “This animal has survived for centuries without having sex.” I thought, that’ll show those incels who are absolutely furious to be virgins at 14 or 44.

incels misogyny violence against women

Man enraged by “happy looking” women stabs ten on Tokyo train; incels rejoice

Tokyo police have arrested the man they say attacked his fellow passengers on a train with a knife yesterday injuring 10, one severely. The alleged stabber’s motive? He told police he was enraged by seeing “happy looking” women on the train and wanted to kill them all.

deplatforming incels mass killing MGTOW misogyny reddit

Well, that’s weird: Incels are celebrating the banning of the MGTOW subreddits

So this was a bit of a surprise: over on the incel hangout known as the Black Pill Club, the regulars are celebrating, not lamenting, the shuttering of the MGTOW subreddits.

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