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The Freak-Out Artist: Julian from Real Social Dynamics takes gaslighting to a new level

I’ve read and watched and listened to a lot of creepy pickup artist crap over the past few years while writing this blog, but in some ways this little video, from PUA “coach” Julian of Real Social Dynamics, one of the bigger and better known of the commercial “game” marketers, may well be the creepiest. …

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Scott Lively attacks gays as “predators” but thinks Bill Cosby, hetero predator, is just fine

Scott Lively is a writer, a pastor, an activist, and a raging homophobe. He’s probably best known for writing a thoroughly debunked book arguing that gays did the Holocaust.

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Red Pill Redditor: Help! My girlfriend thinks I’m an abusive, manipulative narcissist (which I actually am)

By David Futrelle A lot of what’s called “Red Pill Dating Strategy” is little more than abuse — mimicking the behavior of real-life skeezebags who employ assorted psychological tricks designed to keep their partners feeling desperate and insecure. It’s as if the Red Pillers read a rundown of toxic behavior in relationships and decided to…


No sex, please; we’re Maoist!

By David Futrelle Are Maocels now a thing?

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The “women don’t enjoy sex” dudes aren’t just owning themselves. They’re using the #SexStrike to push regressive ideas about women

By David Futrelle There are a lot of guys out there who think that women generally don’t enjoy sex. But it’s rare for guys to say this out loud, because they’re afraid of the obvious retort: “Maybe they just don’t enjoy sex with you!”

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Far-right Proud Boys violently assault protesters in late-night rampage; Fox News declares “Antifa attacks again — swords and vandalism”

By David Futrelle Last night the Proud Boys went looking for a fight. After a speech by the group’s founder Gavin McInnes at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, members of the group — a gang of pro-Trump goons who seem to get into fights at every event they attend — were caught on video violently…


Mad Man: Is Kavanaugh’s anger the righteous fury of an innocent man — or the calculated rage of an abuser?

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GrinGate: Jordan Peterson fans cry conspiracy after an unflattering pic of their hero tops the search results

By David Futrelle You have to give Jordan Peterson fans credit for at least one thing: they are unafraid to confront the most challenging questions of our postmodern age. Like, for example: is the slightly unflattering photo of Jordan Peterson that tops the potted biography Google gives you when you search his name evidence of…

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And the Creepy Boss of the Week Award goes to … this dude posting on Reddit

The Summer 2017 WHTM pledge drive is on! Donate generously to enable our continuing coverage of really really creepy dudes! Thanks!  By David Futrelle I don’t even know how to begin to summarize this very long and very creepy post from the Relationship Advice subreddit from a male boss who seems just a teensy weensy bit…

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Donald Trump: Could he become America’s first troll president?

Donald Trump is probably the most casually dishonest serious candidate for president that this country has ever seen. He lies so easily, so shamelessly, and so regularly that media outlets have largely given up trying to factcheck his more, er, problematic assertions.