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Nazis and deplorables have a new crush: mass murderer Dylann Roof’s kid sister

By David Futrelle Andrew Anglin, professional Nazi troll and founder of The Daily Stormer, generally does not have a lot of nice things to say about women, not even white ones. This is a guy who once described women as “disgusting sex perverts” whose “entire existence … revolves around sexual derangement.” This is a guy who…

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Creepy White Supremacist Tweet of the Day: Dylann Roof Edition

I‘m assuming most of you have heard about the whole ((())) thing? The short version is that white supremacists on Twitter and elsewhere have started using triple parentheses around the names of people they know (or at least think) are Jewish.

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Dylann Roof, apparently a regular commenter at The Daily Stormer, learned his hatred online

It’s yet another reminder that online hate has consequences. In a manifesto of sorts he posted before he shot and killed 9 black people in a Charleston church, Dylann Roof noted that he had learned his racism online. He even specified one of the hate sites that fuelled his hate: the Council of Conservative Citizens. Now…

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“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell goes on trial this week, charged with cyberstalking, threats and extortion. We wish him the very worst.

Even aside from the whole Nazi business, Christopher Cantwell is not what you’d call a nice person. He’s spent the better part of a decade engaging in his own brand of activism, first as a libertarian, then a Men’s Rights Activist and finally as the neo-Nazi he is today, harassing and threatening his assorted ideological…

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Creepy Incels agree: “If you’re old and never had teenager love, then you’re entitled to have a Jailbait”

By David Futrelle Self-described “involuntary celibates” want the world to pity them as decent men who have been cruelly denied sex by too-picky women who reject them for the tiniest of physical flaws. This is absurd in itself, but it’s made even more absurd by the fact that incels themselves tend to be pickier about…

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Alt-Right erupts after crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits he’s a federal informant

By David Futrelle Oh dear. It seems the Alt-Right is in a bit of a tizzy again, and this time the culprit is Christopher Cantwell, the gun-loving Nazi and former A Voice for Men contributor who gained a certain pathetic notoriety for posting a tearful, fearful video after learning he was wanted by the police…

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White supremacist allegedly kills two on Portland train; the Daily Stormer “lols”

A white supremacist named Jeremy Christian has been identified as the man who allegedly stabbed three men on a Portland MAX train on Friday, killing two of them.

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Did Donald Trump just give white supremacists a big, wet, sloppy kiss?

To hear the Nazis tell it, Donald Trump just gave them the bestest birthday present ever, and it wasn’t even their birthday! “It just couldn’t ever get any better than this, I am telling myself,” The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin gushed. “But I know that it is just going to keep getting better.”

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Dean Esmay, MRA and big old white dude, tells feminist women of color they’re “Aunt Jemimahs”

Dean Esmay — Men’s Rights Activist, AIDS “skeptic,” big old white dude — has added another skill to his resume: Arbiter of Blackness. If you haven’t been following the activities of Mr. Esmay of late, the A Voice for Men “chief operations officer” has been having a rather extended Twitter meltdown, posting endless puzzling yet impassioned…

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Prominent MRA tries to blame Charleston shooting on feminism and its alleged “lies about rape culture.”

Less than 24 hours after an apparent white supremacist murdered nine black churchgoers in cold blood during a prayer meeting in a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, one prominent MRA is trying to put the blame on feminism, because of a remark the killer reportedly made about rape. One of the survivors of…