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The Top 5 Worst Comments by DavidByron2 in the Men’s Rights Subreddit … This Week!

Anyone who reads the Men’s Rights subreddit on a regular basis knows that when you see the username DavidByron2 you are in for a treat. Well, a “treat” in the sense that discovering a flaming bag of dog poop on your doorstop is a “treat.” Like many Men’s Rightsers, he’s both smug and ignorant, a…

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Men’s Rights Redditor: Laws against rape are a shit test women use to filter out men who aren’t “man enough to push past protestations”

By David Futrelle Today, just another example of the sort of toxic nonsense that gets upvotes in the Men’s Rights subreddit, despite the protestations from Reddit MRAs that they really aren’t about hate at all.

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Men’s Rights Redditors agree: Trans, intersex and genderqueer folks are silly and annoying and hinder true equality

Men’s Rights Redditors agree: it’s tough to be a man. Well, a cis man, in any case. And those silly trans people are making it worse. On the Men’s Rights subreddit, one concerned fellow has discovered a possibly insurmountable obstacle standing in the way of true gender equality: A “Women’s Room” at the University of Queensland that,…

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This MRA's new fighting technique is unstoppable

You know how Men’s Rights Activists regularly resort to insults and invective when they “debate” with feminists online? It turns out that they’re not just being assholes. No, they’re actually using a super-sophisticated, scientifically tested debating technique to totally PWN feminist slut bitches and mangina poodle-boy pussy-beggars alike. By acting like assholes. Men’s Rights Redditor…

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Men's Rights Biology 101: "Modern women choose to have periods instead of being permanently pregnant. That's a choice given to them by men."

Yes, I’m cribbing from r/againstmensrights again, but this is really too good not to share. Legendary Men’s Rights Crank DavidByron2 offers a little biology lesson to his comrades on the Men’s Rights Subreddit. I’m sure this will be news to a lot of you gals as well. Only modern day women have monthly periods. In…

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Men's RIghts Redditor: When stepfathers abuse children "it's not about men being violent. It's an adaption to maximise genetic transfer to the next generation."

Men’s Rights activists — or a good portion of them, anyway — seem to suffer from what we might call “Male Responsibility Bypass Syndrome.” Whatever terrible things a man (or a group of men) has been shown to have done, MRAs have a remarkable ability to find a woman to blame for it. Nowhere is…

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Ever-gullible Men’s Rights Redditors throw yet another tantrum over a phony “feminist” screencap [UPDATE: w/ Men’s Rights response]

The top post on the Men’s Rights subreddit at the moment, with more than 300 600 700 net upvotes, is a link to this screenshot, posted as an example of radical feminism gone wild:

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A little gender experiment confirms that Reddit is full of douchebags

So someone on Reddit did a little experiment that confirmed what we already know: that Reddit is overflowing with misogynist douchebags. Here’s the experimenter explaining her somewhat casual experimental protocol: I noticed after two months as my female username I was constantly having to defend my opinions. I mean constantly. I would post something lighthearted,…