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Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer defends “Victimized Negro Gentleman Bill Cosby” and hails the court decision that set him free

As hard as it may be to believe, Bill Cosby has his supporters, people who believe his word over that of 60 accusers — or who just don’t give a shit if he’s guilty or not.

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Sexbots are cool, but don’t forget to smack real-life women and “cure the world of the Jew,” Daily Stormer urges

By David Futrelle The alt-right appeals to many of the same sort of guys that flock to the Men’s Rights movement and kindred groups like the pickup community and Men Going Their Own Way — young straight white dudes, infused with aggrieved entitlement, looking to blame someone (or a bunch of someones) for their problems…

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“Female Sexual Choice Must be Suppressed,” Daily Stormer demands

Men’s Rights Activists aren’t good at much, but they’re remarkably adept at one thing: blaming women for things done by men. Rape? Don’t blame the rapists, blame their allegedly abusive mothers who made them that way. Environmental catastrophe? Don’t blame the CEOs of polluting corporations or the politicians who enable them, blame women and their…

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Daily Stormer: Women’s March participants all secretly want Trump to sexually assault them

The millions of women who marched yesterday don’t really hate Donald Trump, at least according to Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi tip sheet The Daily Stormer. No, they’re actually really into him.

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Memeday Pop Quiz! Men’s Rights Activist meme or White Supremacist meme?

Memeday has returned! Today’s installment consists of a one-question POP QUIZ. Question: Where did I find the meme at the top of this post? The MGTOW subreddit A Voice for Men The Daily Stormer I’ll give you the answer after this weirdly filtered picture of my cat Sweetie Pie Jonus:

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Daily Stormer wins Nazi of the Day award with bizarre racist argument against women’s suffrage

One day before American voters quite possibly elect their first female president (fingers crossed), Trump supporter/Hitler fan Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has come up with a new argument as to why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or really be permitted to make any decisions at all. Well, it’s a new argument to…

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Daily Stormer plans real-world “Army,” offering recruits firearms training, dating tips

The first rule of Nazi Fight Club, apparently, is that you do talk about Nazi Fight Club. Yesterday, internet Nazi rag The Daily Stormer announced plans to launch local chapters of an “IRL Troll Army” that will enable righteous white dudes “to prepare for the coming race war.”

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Daily Stormer: “Men Who Support Women’s Suffrage are De Facto Supporters of Gang-Rape”

So Andrew Anglin, the lovable hateful scamp behind the Anime Nazi internet tabloid The Daily Stormer, seems to be going all Men’s Rights Activist on us. In a post last week, Anglin offered his own take on a rather old argument, declaring that women need to have the vote taken away from them — for their own…

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Misogyny can be the first step down the slippery slope towards fascism, new report confirms

A Men’s Rights activist, an incel, and an antisemite walk into a restaurant. The restaurant owner says, “hey Larry, do you want your usual table for one?”

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Tucker Carlson gets two pasty white thumbs up from white nationalist site VDare for his endorsement of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory

Fox News’ white-men’s rights activist Tucker Carlson has won himself plaudits from white supremacists and others on the racist right for not-so-subtly sneaking their ideas and rhetoric into his nightly monologues.