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Nothing’s more “cucked and pathetic” than marrying a girl who lost her virginity to another guy, declares deeply insecure MGTOW Redditor

Men Going Their Own Way are as obsessed with female virginity as any fundamentalist preacher, and positively furious about all those women out there “giving” their virginity to men other than them.

cuck cuckolding dogpill incels men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny

Government-enforced cuckoldry and mandatory penis inspections: An incel predicts the future

By David Futrelle Predicting the future is always a perilous venture, never more so than when the predictor in question has only the most tenuous grasp of the present. Consider the case of an incel called Bjrgaminggod, who believes that we today live in a world in which a huge percentage of men are involuntarily…

cuck incels men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny

Incels love to call others “cucks,” but some of them are now claiming the label for themselves

By David Futrelle If there’s one thing that most incels agree on, it’s that however degraded they think they are, at least they’re better off than cucks. And they mean this both literally and not-so-literally. While they disapprove of men who fit the dictionary definition of “cuckold” — that is, “a man whose wife is…

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Black athletes are turning white men into a cucked “third sex” by being better at sports, weirdo racist football fan argues

By David Futrelle Caste Football is an online forum devoted to the premise that white athletes (sorry, White athletes) are terribly discriminated against in professional sports. According to the site’s posting guidelines:

alt-right cuck Dunning–Kruger effect evil SJWs gender policing grandiosity homophobia literal nazis men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny racism

Right-wing think tanker takes 1600 words to call David French a cuck

It’s pledge drive time! IF you’re a fan of this blog, please donate what you can to keep it going by clicking the button below. THANKS! By David Futrelle Alt-Right Nazis love calling conservative pundit David French a “cuck.” In part, that’s because alt-rightists love calling everyone they hate a cuck, and French — a…

#gamergate cuck empathy deficit entitled babies evil SJWs fragile masculinity gender policing homophobia men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny soyboys toxic masculinity transphobia twitter

Angry gamers defend their heroic calling against soyboy journo cucks who think maybe some games should have an easy mode

By David Futrelle I regret to inform you that the gamers are at it again. Or at least that subset of gamers who have somehow convinced themselves that finishing games on the hardest possible mode is an accomplishment as momentous as say, curing cancer or rescuing a litter of puppies from the 15th floor of…

cock carousel cringe cuck cuckolding entitled babies evil imaginary ladies evil sex-having women men who should not ever be with imaginary women ever men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny slut shaming video games

Stardew Valley PTA? New “Cuckoldry Removal” game mod keeps your waifu from climbing another man’s tree

By David Futrelle Is Stardew Valley just a miniature version of the infamous Harper Valley of Jeannie C. Riley’s classic song, a hotbed of debauched infidelity in which the residents secretly swap a lot more than yams?

bad anatomy bad science dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about incels men who should not ever be with women ever penises racism that's completely wrong

Incel wisdom: Only cucks wear underwear, because it restricts penis growth

It’s PLEDGE DRIVE time again! WHTM is ad free and entirely dependent on folks like you for its continued existence. If you can afford it, please DONATE HERE NOW! Thanks! By David Futrelle Some critical (if not, strictly speaking, true) information for penis-havers from the forums:

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Pro athletes are cucking Brad Pitt, because all women love jocks, confused MGTOW contends

By David Futrelle Manosphere misogynists seem to think that the world is basically the first three panels of that famous cartoon Charles Atlas ad writ large, in which musclebound “Bullies of the Beach” are continually kicking sand on wimpy beta males and humiliating them in front of their girlfriends.

alt-lite alt-right anti-Semitism antifeminism beta males bullying cringe cuck entitled babies evil SJWs gender policing homophobia incoherent rage mantrum men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny oppressed men racism rape culture soyboys Stefan Molyneux toxic masculinity

Angry dudes prove “toxic masculinity” isn’t a thing by screeching about a Gillette ad and calling other men soy boys, cucks, and f***ots

By David Futrelle Gillette’s new ad challenging toxic masculinity has got a lot of people talking. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be angry dudes attacking Gillette for challenging them to be “The Best Men Can Be,” and using the ad as an excuse to call other men “soy boys,” cucks, sissies, pansies and f***ots.