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Just some creepy pics of Rudy Giuliani because why not?

The Spring 2018 WHTM pledge drive is on! Please, send money! Thanks!  By David Futrelle So I went ahead and did my weird DreamscopeApp filter thing with Rudy because, I don’t know, I love me some weird filters. Enjoy, if you enjoy this sort of thing!

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Just a bunch of creepy pics of Donald Trump Jr in the wake of his wife filing for divorce

By David Futrelle Some people like to crochet while they watch TV. Me, I like to take pictures of Trump family members and/or administration officials and run them through weird DreamscopeApp filters that make them look as creepy on the outside as they are on the inside.

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Some creepy pics of the younger Trumps because I have a headache

By David Futrelle I‘m having a lovely unplanned migraine vacation today (not a vacation from migraines but a staycation with a migraine) so instead of a regular post. which would require a working brain on my part, here are some creepified pics of the younger generation of Trumps (plus Jared).

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Bannon and Gorka, out! Will these creepy pics of Stephen Miller get him booted too?

By David Futrelle I posted some creepy pics of Steve Bannon; the next day he was out of the White House. Then I put up creepy pics of Sebastian Gorka; last night he was shown the door. Coincidence, or proof that I have some kind of voodoo powers?


Some creepy pics of Jeff Sessions because why not?

Some more Dreamscope goofiness, featuring Jeff Sessions. Big up to Hieronymus Bosch, who provided the basis of a couple of the creepiest filters I used for these.

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“Just like horses, women are underdeveloped beasts who need to be tamed,” creepy Incel Redditor explains

By David Futrelle Incels don’t just talk endlessly about how much they hate women and want to shoot them. Sometimes they talk about more pleasant topics, like horses. And why women are “degenerate whores” who, like horses, “need to be tamed.”

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Lefty podcaster attacks a journalist who reported a creepy DM with an EVEN CREEPIER tweet

By David Futrelle On Sunday, freelance journalist Talia Jane took to Twitter to report a truly grotesque sexual message she’d gotten from a male colleague whom she later identified as Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg.

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Bad (Anatomy) Romance: Creepy dudes woo the ladies with some of the most anatomically incorrect DMs of all time

By David Futrelle Now, I don’t consider myself an expert on dating, but after spending a couple of hours looking through an assortment of messages that weird and confused would-be-suitors have sent to women online, and which have subsequently been posted to Reddit’s CreepyPMs and BadWomensAnatomy subreddits, it’s become clear that at the very least…

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If you’re looking for the worst possible way to ask a woman for feet pics, I may have found it for you

By David Futrelle The best way to ask a random woman on the internet for feet pics is, of course, to NOT ask her for feet pics.

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So Tired: Some Trump Gang pics, an apology and an open thread

By David Futrelle Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. Been feeling like shit, and a resurgent sleep disorder has left me utterly wiped out most of the time for the last week or so. Doing my best to get a handle on it all.