Terrible people celebrate Sessions confirmation with racism, gloating, more racism

Huh. I wonder what the internet’s worst people are saying about the confirmation of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III for Attorney General. Let’s go to Twitter and look!

#ResistTrump trump

#ResistTrump Today by checking this schedule for Trump cabinet confirmation hearings

[NOTE: This post updated on 1/10/17 with some schedule changes.] It’s going to be a busy week, so let’s break it down day by day.

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“As a man, you hold the seed of creation within your ballsack,” and other reflections on semen retention from some mystical weirdo on Reddit

By David Futrelle Hardcore semen retainers — yes, I’m back to talking about them again — believe that by refraining from masturbation they can bless themselves with certain magical superpowers, most notably the power of attraction.

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Accused #MAGAbomber’s Twitter account was a smorgasbord of hate and violent threats. Twitter, what gives?

By David Futrelle I spent some time this afternoon going through one of accused #MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc’s apparent Twitter accounts, one specifically devoted to trolling and threatening his assorted political enemies, screenshotting and archiving what I could before Twitter took it down. He was a prolific tweeter. I got through two months of it.


Intolerable Cruelty: The #BeersForBrett hashtag is the ultimate symbol of Trump’s kingdom of spite

By David Futrelle Perhaps the most heartbreaking and enraging moment of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate came after Senator Patrick Leahy asked her to recall her most indelible memory of the night she said that now-Supreme-Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her. Ford replied without hesitation: It was, she said, “the uproarious…

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Is Trump about to impose martial law? QAnon believers think so. And they hope Kavanaugh will help “BRING THE PAIN”

By David Futrelle If I were a conspiracy theorist, it would be easy, oh so easy, to make the case that Donald Trump is preparing to launch a massive crackdown on civil liberties in order to protect himself and fellow Republicans from massive losses in the midterms next month.

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He’s red and mad and they don’t care: Why the MRAs are MIA on Kavanaugh

By David Futrelle With his sham FBI background report prematurely closed, and his confirmation vote looming, Brett Kavanaugh is omnipresent in the media at the moment. Cable news is pretty much wall-to-wall Kavanaugh, and social media is overflowing with takes — hot and otherwise — on the overgrown frat boy who somehow became a Supreme…

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Daily Stormer: Lindsey Graham is good now, maybe we shouldn’t have called him a pederast

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Q Believers respond to the head-spinning news on Rosenstein and Kavanaugh with rationality and restraint. JUST KIDDING!

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4channers embrace YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam as “goddess of retribution,” dream girlfriend

By David Futrelle When rumors began to spread yesterday afternoon that the YouTube shooter was “a woman wearing a head scarf,” many on the right assumed that their gut instinct was right: the attack on YouTube, although it took no lives other than the shooter herself, was an act of Islamist terrorism. When the name…