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It’s cryin’ time again: Crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell found guilty of threats and extortion

Are there any words in the English language sweeter than “Christopher Cantwell found guilty?”

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“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell goes on trial this week, charged with cyberstalking, threats and extortion. We wish him the very worst.

Even aside from the whole Nazi business, Christopher Cantwell is not what you’d call a nice person. He’s spent the better part of a decade engaging in his own brand of activism, first as a libertarian, then a Men’s Rights Activist and finally as the neo-Nazi he is today, harassing and threatening his assorted ideological…

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Alt-Right erupts after crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits he’s a federal informant

By David Futrelle Oh dear. It seems the Alt-Right is in a bit of a tizzy again, and this time the culprit is Christopher Cantwell, the gun-loving Nazi and former A Voice for Men contributor who gained a certain pathetic notoriety for posting a tearful, fearful video after learning he was wanted by the police…

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Christopher in Oregon “Deconstructs the Female” and Her Allegedly Very Stinky You-Know-What [UPDATE: Now With Dramatic Reading!]

It’s time for another visit into the fertile mind of Christopher in Oregon, perhaps the most viscerally misogynistic boob I’ve ever written about on this site. Most of the misogynists I write about here like to pretend that they’re not misogynists, or to dress up their misogyny in pseudoscientific terms, talking about the evils of…

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Christopher in Oregon: “Nature makes women BUTT UGLY fairly early in life to prevent them from breeding.”

Time for another visit into the mind of Christopher in Oregon, a confirmed bachelor best known for posting long screeds on his friend MarkyMark’s blog about how ugly and smelly and disgusting women and their various orifices are. Today, his topic is old women, by which he seems to mean all women above the age…

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Warts and Peace: A trip into the fevered imagination of Christopher in Oregon

Not that long ago, the Man Going His Own Way who calls himself Marky Mark made an unnerving announcement: due to worries about his secret identity being uncovered, he was shutting down his blog! Like a lot of Marky’s readers, I was alarmed and saddened by this news: Marky Mark, after all, was one of…

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Christopher Hitchens is no more, yet women remain unfunny: The Spearhead pays tribute

As you may have heard, Christopher Hitchens – writer, drinker, atheist, shit-stirrer – died the other day. He’s gotten tributes from people all over the political spectrum. Over on The Spearhead, the fellows are paying tribute to his life. Well, not so much his life as to his opinion that women just aren’t funny –…

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Misogyny can be the first step down the slippery slope towards fascism, new report confirms

A Men’s Rights activist, an incel, and an antisemite walk into a restaurant. The restaurant owner says, “hey Larry, do you want your usual table for one?”

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Reddit just took out its MGTOW subreddits like the trash they are. Sorry, were.

Well, it took them long enough. Today, at long last, the Reddit admins banned the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit for promoting hate; they also dropped the ban hammer on MGTOW2, the main subreddit’s purportedly hate-free alternative. (Attempts by Reddit’s MGTOWs to evade the ban were quickly squashed.)

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Jamie Lee Curtis’ youngest kid comes out as trans; Gender Crits and other assholes are thrilled with this new opportunity to be transphobic

In a recent interview with AARP magazine, Jamie Lee Curtis announced that she has a new trans daughter, saying that she and her husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”