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Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens lose it over Harry Styles in a dress

When Harry Styles agreed to model a series of dresses and skirts for a Vogue cover shoot, he knew it would stir up controversy. He probably didn’t think he was going to be blamed for undermining civilization itself. But that’s what some right-wing opinion-havers would have you believe.

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From the Archives: Candace Owens meets Gamergate — and things get weird

The Spring 2018 WHTM pledge drive will be wrapping up soon — and we’re still a ways short of what I need to get in order to make the site ad free! Please donate what you can! Thanks!  By David Futrelle Candace Owens — self-proclaimed “Red Pill Black” conservative — is having a bit of…

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Giddy Gamergater: Will Candace Owens show the world that we’ve been right all along?

There are some who see the seemingly unlikely ideological romance between anti-bullying-activist-turned-bully-ally Candace Owens and Gamergate as a bit of a con-job.

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In furious post, SocialAutopsy’s Candace Owens attacks a WashPo story that isn’t there

The already very strange Candace Owens story just keeps getting stranger. In the week and half since her ill-conceived “anti-bullying” startup SocialAutopsy was kicked off Kickstarter- after being bluntly criticized by anti-harassment activists/GamerGate nemeses Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper, Owens has launched a veritable crusade against the two women, and against those she sees as their allies and/or co-conspirators.


SocialAutopsy-Turvy: Candace Owens’ Twitter Trainwreck, Part One

Last week, I wrote about Candace Owens, the founder of a would-be anti-bullying startup called Social Autopsy, and her strange descent into GamerGate-style conspiracy-mongering after prime GG target Zoe Quinn contacted her to point out how her startup’s strategy of doxxing alleged bullies could backfire in a big way.

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Social Autopsy founder Candace Owens channels GamerGate in bizarre attack on Zoe Quinn

So this Social Autopsy debacle is one of the saddest, most surreal spectacles I’ve seen in a long time. Social Autopsy is, as you may have heard, a spectacularly wrongheaded attempt to fight cyberbullying by posting the personal information of alleged bullies online — that is, in internet lingo, by doxxing them, thus exposing them…

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Blazing hot takes on mail bombs from the #MAGA crowd

UPDATE, FRIDAY 10/26: They’ve nabbed a suspect, a 56-year-old Florida man whose van is covered with pro-Trump stickers, alongside “CNN SUCKS” stickers and  pictures of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats depicted in crosshairs. Somehow I don;t think this is going to stop these people from crying “false flag.”  By David Futrelle At yet another of…

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We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive: September 2018 Puppers United Edition

By David Futrelle It’s time again for another We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! Now that I’ve removed the ads from the blog that were such an annoyance for so many readers, I rely entirely on the generosity of readers to keep the whole show going. So if you enjoy or appreciate what this blog…

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Waffle House hero: Today in Tweets 4/22/18 Edition

By David Futrelle Another mass shooting, this time at a Waffle House in Tennessee, leaving four people dead and the suspect still at large. Luckily, an extraordinarily brave customer was able to wrestle the shooter’s AR-15 from him, saving who knows how many lives.

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Chad Vs. The Hecolopters: Today in Tweets 4/21/18 edition

By David Futrelle It’s Saturday, and I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going to ignore all the frantic, sloppy tweets coming from Donald Trump’s bedroom at Mar-al-Lago and focus on the important non-Trump news of the day.