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Nazis and piss-drinkers gloat over Birds of Prey’s underperformance at the box office

By David Futrelle The right-wing snowflakes are out in force, clogging up the internet with gloating comments about the alleged utter failure of Birds of Prey, a comic book movie about a lady super-gang headed up by Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. In its opening weekend, you see, the film earned $33 million in domestic…

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The lack of scary female clowns in pop culture oppresses men, a Reddit Men’s Ranter contends

By David Futrelle In my travels through the manosphere, I regularly discover new ways in which men are oppressed by the evil gynocracy. They are mostly extremely dumb, but the one I found today is somehow even dumber than that.

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Are feminists really “FURIOUS” that the Sonic Movie did well? A case study in right-wing outrage manufacturing

By David Futrelle On February 10, Twitter was filled with gloating tweets from assorted amateur and professional far-right culture warriors, all happily celebrating the poor showing of the film Birds of Prey, which they had collectively decided was a terrible insult to comic book fans and men in general because Harley Quinn’s outfit in the…