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Unable to accept that my site's been getting more traffic than his, AVFM's Paul Elam takes a swim in denial

The first stage of grief, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross famously postulated, is denial. So it’s hardly surprising that Paul Elam and his gang of flunkies and fans at A Voice for Men have responded to the news that my site is besting AVFM in traffic by trying to claim that my traffic is somehow … fake. Elam’s…

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A Voice for Men’s “buzzing” traffic sounds more like a death rattle

If for some perverse reason you head over to A Voice for Men, the former vanguard of the failed Men’s Rights revolution, you will find this sitting at the top of the site’s list of latest articles, as it has been for nearly two years:

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Guess who’s getting more traffic than the #1 Men’s Rights website again?

Here’s an interesting little chart from Alexa. We Hunted the Mammoth is the green line; A Voice for Men is the yellow line:

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Paul Elam inadvertently reveals that We Hunted the Mammoth gets more traffic than A Voice for Men

Christmas came early for me this year. A certain Paul Elam, in an attempt to prove to his donors that his garbage website is more influential than ever, recently posted a screenshot of the traffic stats for A Voice for Men. By doing so, he inadvertently provided proof that We Hunted the Mammoth is drawing…

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The Chuckles Turned to Guffaws: AVFM conference Saturday wrapup

Well, the AVFM conference is over. I thought I’d post links to some of the media coverage today. I’m not sure Paul Elam and co have quite attained the level of respectability they were going for with the conference. It probably didn’t help that their PR gal, Janet Bloomfield, kept posting about “whores” and then,…

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The Facebook/Feminist Plot to Destroy Free Speech, Male Liberty, and 10-13% of A Voice for Men’s Traffic

Men’s Rights, er, activists are waving their arms frantically in the air over what they see as a dire new threat to men and manhood: Facebook’s recent annoucement that it was going to try to do a better job of taking down violent images mocking victims of rape and domestic violence, and other kinds of…

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Chris Cantwell, Men’s Rights Activists, and right-wing fantasies of “defensive” violence

By David Futrelle Yesterday, “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell was booted off of Gab for making just a few too many threatening comments about leftists.

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Mission Accomplished Mk II: Paul Elam retakes his failing site, declares victory again

By David Futrelle A little over a year ago, with traffic at the preeminent Men’s Rights website A Voice for Men plunging as its old-school MRA “activism” was eclipsed by a younger and in many ways nastier breed of antifeminism, AVFM head boy Paul Elam made a dramatic announcement (which I wrote about here): AVFM…

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QUIZ: Does A Voice for Men think Roosh is a rapist con man or a super cool dude?

NEWS QUIZ! Here are two quotes about the lovely Roosh V, who has been in the news so much of late. Which one of them comes from a post in the formerly almost-influential Men’s Rights site A Voice for Men?

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The 9 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Men’s Rights Memes of 2015

Yep, I’m still doing the 2015 retrospectives. I know that it’s now 2016. But hey, I did more than 500 posts in 2015, and there is so much ridiculousness in them I want to share with you all.