This Thanksgiving I am thankful that Lara Trump is saying batshit stuff on Fox that I can quote

This is fucking diabolical

Lara Trump was on Fox news, discussing inflation before veering off topic and in to the culture wars;

Here’s a transcript, courtesy of Mediaite.

They have told us from the beginning that they want to fundamentally transform America. Well, how do you that? You have to change America from the inside-out. You have to take away our traditions. … ‘Oh, don’t have a turkey, then people won’t come over.’ Last year, remember, they didn’t want us to get together, so I guess we’re lucky they’re letting us have Thanksgiving this year.

How dare the libs try to protect people from COVID.

At really, the core of this, they want to divide Americans up. They don’t want us to have any common ground. They don’t want us to have any shared traditions like Thanksgiving. A lot of places last month actually did away with Halloween because they wanted to be inclusive of the people that didn’t celebrate Halloween.

Er, what? Can I get a citation here on this Halloween thing?

It all goes to fundamentally transforming this country, and the way you do that is you make sure that we have no commonality whatsoever, no traditions as Americans whatsoever. You start chipping away at that, and they don’t care that Thanksgiving costs a lot more.

So wait, the libs are trying to destroy Thanksgiving so that no one will notice rising inflation? That is indeed a new one.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m planning on shoveling stuffing into my mouth until I pass out.

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Full Metal Ox
12 hours ago


Elaine the Witch. Also I know where your handle comes from !!! Let us celebrate Sci Fi ! I also am Elaine and the Witch.

@Elaine the Witch:

I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t actually know what that is. my name is this because my name is Elaine, and children often think I’m a witch.

Malintzin, were you referencing either of these?

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Old School HTML
Old School HTML
5 hours ago

If I recall, you don’t use a credit card, so these web suggestions may be not helpful. You might want to find a “Buy Nothing [your area]” group on Facebook. I am suggesting BuyNothing instead of FreeCycle because when you post a wish (if no one is currently listing headphones you want), it’s fine to mention your lack of car and that you would need items delivered. In my area, we mostly do no-contact porch pickup or delivery. The philosophy is “give from your own abundance,” (and it’s not about trading, so it’s fine if you don’t have items to gift in return), so instead of posting links to places, the responses are more direct (“I have a pair like you described that I’m not using… PM me to plan delivery details.”).

Re: banning halloween: in some of my friends’ schools, they have cut out the costume parade, because not all parents can afford (time or money) to get costumes together, and so they minimize other halloween in-school so it feels like less of a loss.