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“The Jews are behind the simultaneous hypersexualization and sexual segregation of fertile teenagers from the wider male population,” incel declares

We live in an age unusually receptive to conspiracy theory — with a veritable army of QAnoners caught up in baroque, sadistic theories of retribution against political and cultural elites; with the vast majority of Republicans believing (or purporting to believe) that, actually, Donald Trump won the election; and with a cohort of Americans convinced that Bill Gates is planning to plant microchips in their bodies with a vaccine shot.

Despite all of this competition, incels still manage to put forth their own conspiracy theories that are just as creative as any flat-earther’s. And the incels’ theories have the added benefit of kind of making you sick to your stomach whenever you encounter them in the wild.

Consider the “blackpilled” antisemite calling himself GameDevCel who recently proposed, in a post on the BlackpillClub forums, that “[t]he Jews are behind the simultaneous hypersexualization and sexual segregation of fertile teenagers from the wider male population.”

In other words, he’s complaining that the Jews allegedly in charge of the entertainment business and cultural norms are hypersexualizing “fertile teenagers” — a.k.a. underage girls — yet not letting older dudes fuck them. Which is clearly, in the OP’s mind, a terrible way to simultaneously frustrate and oppress the hapless adult male, especially if he’s an incel.

GameDevCel tries his best to explain the consequences of this dastardly Jewish plot in a rant that is muddled and confusing and wrong on every count.

yeah its called feminism and the (((elite))) have been pushing it for extra sheckles in taxing women’s labor and breaking up the family unit for easily controllable docile citizens.

You know, if you plan to be an out-and-proud antisemite, you should probably know how to spell “shekels.”

These state run indoctornation factories called schools are used to mold the young minds in the way the government wants along with welfare programs to incentivize shitskin [Black] like breeding strategies.

What what what? Even if we set aside the racism here, none of this is making any sense. The “(((elites)))” are “hypersexualizing” teen girls in school? How? Why?

Seriously, dude, the only people here “hypersexualizing” teen girls are you perverts. It’s telling that the only examples of this sort of “hypersexualization” anyone in this thread can offer are 1) the movie Cuties, 2) parents taking their kids to gay pride parades, and 3) a St. Louis couple teaching their 3 and 5 year old daughters to pole dance.

But let’s get back to GameDevCel’s rant

It is why colleges are pushed so hard so white women can get fucked by multiple Chads and settle down with some beta provider in late 20s and have a few autistic kids in their 30s.

The point of higher education is to provide a place for “white women [to] get fucked by multiple Chads?” Why would colleges even bother to teach anything if that’s the goal?

They love any fornication except for an older established man mentally and financially ready to start a family with a 14 year old virgin, which is the hallmark of stable well adjusted societies.

Are you Woody Allen, because this sounds suspiciously like the plot to Manhattan. (Oh, but the girl in that movie is supposed to be 16. Sorry.)

The kikes hate this, hence all the shit they spew in the mainsteam media.

Ok, I guess this isn’t Woody Allen writing this.

>tl;dr marry a virgin no matter how young and homeschool the children

Don’t even consider marrying anyone, incels, until you’ve drained all the toxic sludge from your brains.

Naturally, several other commenters offered their own take on the alleged evil of keeping middle-aged men from raping “fertile teens.”

According to a commenter called Nihilistcorpse,

Only Chad can get something like this

Something like what? A 14-year-old bride?

while an Incel would be caught before it even began or if he’s a rich motherfucker with Joolywood connections, it’s the only reason why you see Chads deflowering virgins left and right while a non-Chad doesn’t even get the chance.

Either way, it’s over for us and stuff like this ain’t in our own favor.

Another commenter, berserkercel, offers his reflections on what he calls the “lie of ‘female independence,'” suggesting that the forces of world capitalism (or perhaps the alleged worldwide Jewish conspiracy) were pushing women into the workplace for short term monetary gains. For some reason the alleged (((elites)) also insist on

Making ages 12-17 “paedophilia” in the eyes of the UK public. So men only marry used up foids who can’t pairbond with the inevitable subsequent divorces of roastie foids. Creating legal fees and inheritance tax for the tax-man under the guise of “feminism” and “protecting vulnerable women”. …

Not to mention lowering the western birth rate (successfully) by using women’s own nature artificial, and socially unacceptable (back in the day), hypergamy against them. By saying they- foids- are entitled to Chad as a boyfriend, fuck buddy and Father sperm donor through shit femsperg magazines on any Supermarket shelf.

Hence the rise of the facebook dog lady.

It’s over.

If any of that makes sense to you, well, I’m impressed. I read this shit for a living and I can understand only about half of that word vomit.

The only thing that’s clear is that these guys really do need to be, well, segregated from “fertile teens” and adult women alike.

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rabid rabbit
rabid rabbit
3 days ago

@GSS ex-noob

I assume Jewish incels are a false flag operation, while also being proof that ((((((((JJJJJJJJJJJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)))))bois can’t get any, haha.

Alan Robertshaw
3 days ago

@ bookworm in hijab

Heh, thanks for that. I must confess I’ve never seen Frozen; but I got the context.

Although to quote Peter Kaye.

I didn’t know what to get my niece for Christmas. Luckily my sister said she was really into Frozen stuff; so I got her some peas and a couple of cottage pies.

Penny Psmith
Penny Psmith
3 days ago

Regarding Jewish incels – I know we have some here in Israel, just like we have MRAs and MGTOWs and various conspiracy theorists (I understand we even have Qists, apparently), which is kinda interesting in a twisted way because so much of the source material is antisemitic, but they seem to just ignore it. You can even catch them talking about stuff like “globalists” without realising that it’s a dogwhistle for “the Jews”. Or maybe they realise it and don’t care. It’s weird.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
3 days ago

@GSS ex-noob

We’re catholic so if my kids want to save their first time for marriage, I won’t argue with them on it. My husband was raised like that, so I don’t feel right telling them not to date someone raised with those beliefs. Just because they were raised with those beliefs doesn’t mean that they have them.

Full Metal Ox
3 days ago

@Alan Robertshaw:

Although to quote Peter Kaye.

I didn’t know what to get my niece for Christmas. Luckily my sister said she was really into Frozen stuff; so I got her some peas and a couple of cottage pies.

Reminds me of the time I went to buy my nephew the latest 50 Cent CD, but talk about bait and switch: those swindlers wanted $18.99!

Last edited 3 days ago by Full Metal Ox
3 days ago

@Elaine the witch, having a hard time following this thread at this point, with the discussion of Mars, this crappy survey, etc. But I did want to say that I appreciate your comment on the ambient horniness since I’ve noticed this too. It’s validating to hear someone else say it so I know it’s not all in my head or something

Last edited 3 days ago by modestee
GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
3 days ago

@rabid rabbit: That’s probably how they figure it.

@Penny: self-hating Jews? Ones who think “oh I’m one of the good ones, I’m fine”?

It is mind-boggling, and also extra-stupid. Why do they think Israel came to exist right after WWII?

@Alan: Frankly, being An Old, I’d prefer the cottage pies!

@Elaine: fair enough. But as long as the kids and their paramours are virgins by choice, not incels.

(sorry boys, there’s nothing “involuntary” about it, it’s entirely your own fault.)

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
2 days ago

@GSS ex-noob

Yeah, I will try to teach them that it’s normal to be disappointed if they don’t have much luck when it comes to romance or hook ups. There are a lot of people who aren’t good at dating. or are late bloomers, but they aren’t entitled to anyone. Being sad and disappointed is normal. Angry and bitter isn’t. But they will also know that romantic and sexual relationships aren’t everything.


Yeah, I am a fairly attractive woman. I get hit on a lot but it is normally in situations one would deem normal to get hit on. At a bar, at a club, concerts, parties, bookstores. then its at places where it’s less appropriate and more annoying, like the gym, libraries, and one really odd time a dentist appointment.

Now it happens in places where it normally wouldn’t and more frequently and I suspect because all the normal ways young people meet each other can’t happen now. I get hit on in the laundry room, the mail boxes room, while grocery shopping, pharmacies, while on walks either by myself or walking the dogs, vet appointments, there has been an increases of messages online from strangers. and I don’t mean from like Instagram or anything to, I mean from Facebook. Getting messages from guys on Facebook, I don’t know, because Facebook told them I was in their area and they decided to “shoot their shot” that one is a little creepy to me. I even got hit on in a private message during one of my zoom classes!

At least for me, a lot of the interactions I’ve had so far have been polite enough ones. Like from guys that are generally trying to flirt and be polite to get a date or hook up. It can be annoying but it hasn’t been like a lot of the harassments I’ve had in the past. One of the things that makes me not like going to bars unless I’m with my husband is because I’m normally dressed for a night out at bars. I like to dress very revealing. I have a lot of tattoos. The amount of men at bars who touch my tattoos without asking or without knowing me, or without even talking to me is way to much.

2 days ago

One of my “favorite” bits of anti-semitism is when it crops up in superhero fandom, usually blaming “elites” for trying to “take over” the genre with “forced diversity.”

These guys might want to take a look at who created all those Golden and Silver Age heroes that they fear encroaching Jewish influence on.

2 days ago


These guys might want to take a look at who created all those Golden and Silver Age heroes that they fear encroaching Jewish influence on.

My favorite was when some Nazi tried to claim that Superman would have agreed with him. The Superman who was created by 2 Jewish artists, whose Kryptonian name sounds an awful lot like the Hebrew word for “voice of God” (“kol-el”), and who was sent to Earth by his parents to save him from death. That Superman.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
2 days ago

@Elaine The Witch:

Pay close attention when you do start flirting with someone if they seem uncomfortable of disinterested to stop what they are doing right then.

Definitely on this. I role-play a fair bit online, usually a bit of a tease… but I’ve also said flat out (in the same chat rooms) that being a good tease requires a fair bit of empathy. You need to be able to read the room and know when you’re going too far and when to back off.


who created all those Golden and Silver Age heroes

Such as, for example, realizing exactly why Superman’s birth name is Kal-El

For people so convinced they’re smart and so into using dogwhistles to say horrible things, they sure don’t pick up on anybody else’s subtlety. Even when it’s not necessarily subtle.

2 days ago

So, I know I’m late enough to the party that my input is next to meaningless, but…

Statistics! Sampling! Math! Data! Experimental Design! Pilot Studies!

Acid, it’s good to want to seek knowledge! I commend that goal!* But as folks here have pointed out, it’s also important to know what collected data means. And, as my experimental design professor said once upon a time “garbage data is garbage data.”

I did not actually answer your poll, but I did duck over long enough to take a good gander at it. And… it’s got some problems.

Some of the things I’m going to mention are going to be things ALREADY introduced as problems, between your first ‘Study’ and ‘Study REV A’ (and pretty much unaddressed by the revision).

Let’s start with some experimental design fundamentals. The first problem with your “study” has to do with the the first two questions of any experiment that required sampling.


1. What is my population of interest?
2. What is the POINT of interest in my population of interest?

From your surveys, it’s a little unclear that you have a strong answer to the above two questions.

And they’re important. Question 1 determines HOW the study needs to be developed to actually draw conclusions about the population of interest, while 2 governs WHAT the study needs to focus on, and will govern how questions are written to serve statistical analysis later.

From the way your poll is currently designed and distributed (web, limited demographic data, posted to forums, complete anonymity, categorical data selection), the current answers to 1&2 seem to be:

1. The subset of individuals on forums I frequent who are WIlLING to answer a surveymonkey survey
2. That there are differences between groups with x political/manosphere positions and gender presentations?**
Based on your comments in the thread, I’m fairly sure you wanted the answers to be:

1. Feminists and MRAs on the internet
2. Which ideological group(s) ha(s/ve) the greater political and demographic diversity?

Admittedly, as a “researcher” you don’t really WANT the respondents to know what (2) is supposed to be, because if they know for a fact what (2) is supposed to be, that’s going to potentially skew their responses.

Which leads to the second biggest problem we’ve got: which is the sampling method and mechanism!

In my area of focus back in the day (undergrad projects involved juvenile flounder, shrimp, snails), I was measuring behavior. My subjects couldn’t understand English, and so me muttering quietly to myself from behind a scope or computer or screen couldn’t change results. There were other things I could do (inadvertently or on purpose) that could potentially change results, but not any language.

Humans are trickier.

For you, this leads to a HUGE problem. Because you can (and HAVE) biased your own results from the get go.

Firstly, you’ve broken one of the first bits of human experimental design. You are interacting with the study population. The study population knows (or have a gist) about what you intend. There’s a reason double blind studies exist, because people will modify behavior or responses based on cues from other humans.

Since we know your goal, what is to keep respondents from responding multiple times? Or to give honest responses? What tools have you given yourself to identify real responses versus those who are just punking you? How does your presence influence who is actually going to take the time to answer the survey?

It is a problem.

In addition to your presence (and your views) being known to respondents ahead of the survey, the survey mechanism itself is deeply flawed. Survey monkey works great for “hey, what days/times are y’all free to have a meeting” type polls, or for closed polls with a known number of potential respondents, with fill in fields that allow for identification of “is this a duplicate?”

It doesn’t work as well for broadly spread studies.

We also have the problem of how the study is being distributed. Right now, the only people likely to respond (or even see it!) are people who either like you (from friendly blog interactions) or are annoyed by you (from adverse thread interactions). These groups cannot be extrapolated to the entire population of MGTOWS, PUAs, or feminists. They’re too small and distinct a subset.

Like, I may be a feminist, but I am in NO WAY representative of all feminists. Nor is the entirety of the commentariat of this site, if by some miracle you got the entire commentariat to respond.

Same with the manosphere sites you frequent. Since you still live under the conception that MRAs and the manosphere are fighting the good egalitarian fight, that means you likely tend to comment with and associate with the subset of that realm who also have that conception***.

So, instead of getting a representative sample, you’ll get your buds giving you the answers you wanted or expected to see.

There are entire courses on how to design sampling protocols to reduce this response bias, and this post is already hella long.

And we’re only just now getting to the questions! OMG, only NOW to the questions?!

Yay, the questions. Problemo #3

You’ve listed the 10 question limit as a problem, and I’d actually say for a pilot study… 10 questions is a really good maximum number of questions. And it’s clear that since this survey is so rocky, it really is more of a matchstick than a pilot light.

It’s few enough questions to find out if the questions are good questions without wasting too much time.

That said…. some of your question/response groups are not good questions. We’re back to ye olde “garbage data is garbage data”

Let’s start with the first question. The question itself is okay enough. However, there are either too many or too few responses, depending on sample size (too many responses for a small sample, maybe okay to up a few more for a large).

There are also five distinct manosphere buckets, two neutralTM buckets, and one other. And this is a survey being dropped on a feminist forum?

By breaking down the manosphere into five groups, you’re trying to capture detail. But you’ve failed to include all the groups! So a generic manospherian may not see their affiliation and throw themselves into the “other” bin.

And a generic feminist will see detailed manosphere buckets, the two neutralTM buckets that often get used as “I’m a nice EGALITARIAN, and why are feminists so terrible?” and assume those buckets are not actually for them.

So the “other” bucket becomes home to a complicated stew of Reddit black-pill and computer savvy suffragettes and cannot be meaningfully used for analysis.

Any survey has to find the balance: how much detail is TOO MUCH and when do categories become too broad?

This question is both at once, and it hurts.

Additionally, by using “identify as” instead of “most closely matches your beliefs”, you’re potentially exploding the other bucket even more.

I digress.

Question 2 is way too vague. Other people have said it better, but this is… what is the meaning of “it” anyway?

Questions 3 and 4 are essentially attempting to measure the same thing, and aren’t terrible. They also suffer from the “breaking too far/not far enough”

Since I expect your sample will be tiny, I’d err on the side of “breaking too far”. It is REALLY HARD to have any sort of meaningful analysis if you have six responses each in a bin ALL ALONE.

I’m meh on the religion and demographic questions (5&10). They look boilerplate and may or may not be useful. Well, they won’t be useful because the entire survey won’t be useful because the fundamental problems with the survey distribution, but they don’t make the situation worse.

Someone else covered the age range better, so go find their response, please.

I’m pretty sure no baby knows their gender at birth, and asking “what sex were you assigned, at birth” is a more accurate way to put it.

For a small survey it’s okay, but in a large survey having to cross examine your two gender questions to determine trans v cis for questions 8&9 is painful and obnoxious. Not wrong, but it requires more backside work.

But does any of questions 2-10 matter if question 1 is too broken and if the sampling is extraordinarily biased and the responses will be screwy because of a lack of distance between the respondents and the questioner?

I’m all for questioning things and trying to do research! I’ve seen worse surveys!**** But… don’t take your first (or second) attempt as any sort of meaningful data.

I could go on, but I’ve already gone on.


1. Current sampling method only records whether there exist people willing to respond.
2. The presence of the “researcher” introduces a sampling bias and may lead to dishonest responses that cannot be excluded.
3. Some questions may not measure the intended metric, or rely on respondents correctly answering a different question and the surveyor cross referencing responses appropriately.
4. Categories are either too broad, or too narrow, depending on survey focus.


*I’m not 100% certain your goal is actually to seek knowledge and have some strong suspicions that your goal is to seek confirmation for already developed conceits, but we all start somewhere?

** Because of how everything is formatted, the final data analysis to even approach this is also tricky. Some groups will probably need to be combined to get up to reasonable counts, and that gets messy. Because would an egalitarian self describe as a humanist if egalitarian wasn’t an option? Or would they “other” themselves? Who do we expect to see in the other?

*** or pretend to have that conception. It’s really common for bad intentioned individuals who WANT you deeper down the rabbit hole to pretend to be kind and charismatic and reasonable. Not all flat earth believers started out thinking the earth was flat. They just were willing to engage in “reasonable” discussion and then somehow found themselves trying to explain away why their shiny new $20,000 gyroscope consistently shows a 15 degree per hour drift because there’s no way they live on a tiny blue marble rotating 360 degrees every 24 hours.

**** take this with a grain of salt. I was a math/statistics tutor for 6 years. I’ve seen REALLY bad surveys.

2 days ago

The wall of text was for the kid who may or may not be bothering to lurk since we were not generally appreciative of their mad skills.

Sorry for the wall of text, all!

The little corner of my soul that wanted to be in the s and the m of stem when I grew up got away me.

2 days ago

That was a really good response to Acid, though I doubt he’ll read it that was very thorough.

For a small survey it’s okay, but in a large survey having to cross examine your two gender questions to determine trans v cis for questions 8&9 is painful and obnoxious. Not wrong, but it requires more backside work.

This isn’t a statistical thing as much as a personal thing, but question 8 read to me as “what are you really?” and looked like a red flag. Not sure if that was intentional but I’ve seen a lot of transphobic surveys that have questions worded that way, as the idea of “born male/female” is often used by transphobes. Could skew results if trans people don’t want to answer that question. Then again, that’s probably the least of his worries.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
2 days ago

Did someone say s and m?

Oh, nevermind then. 🙂

2 days ago

@ Naglfar

Thanks! I also have doubts, but I can dream?

… not really, because I hope my dreams are more interesting than a random kid on the internet getting better at survey design and maybe getting better as a human being along the way, but…

This isn’t a statistical thing as much as a personal thing, but question 8 read to me as “what are you really?” and looked like a red flag… Could skew results if trans people don’t want to answer that question.

I’d argue that this is absolutely a statistics thing! And, given that 8&9 have to be used together, so a savvy respondent knows their individual submission is identifiable to itself, could have a significant effect.

It’s a good thing to throw out as an issue during the survey design process, for sure!


For anyone who has no background in survey design or sampling methods, Australia actually has a decent summary? It doesn’t replace taking statistical or data analysis classes (or hiring a data analyst) but it’s still pretty good.

They even have a section on questionnaire design!

Note: I’m not Australian. I just like their version better for this!

1 day ago

This reminds me, not of a survey, but of a “quiz” that had similar basic issues. It was a “General English Vocabulary Quiz,” but unlike most such quizzes, instead of acing it I only got 75% – 15 out of 20 words. I had never encountered the words that I missed before, so I looked them up.

They were all teas.

25% of the “general vocabulary” quiz – 1 out of 4 questions – were types of tea.

That’s not “how good is you general vocabulary,” that is “are you as obsessed with tea as the person who wrote this quiz. And the quiz was American, not English, so there wasn’t even a cultural disconnect. Like many Americans, I don’t drink tea, have never been in a tea house, and the only teas I know are “green” and “Earl Grey, Hot.” Why would I know what the hell Satemwa is?

Apart from the weird tea fixation, what really ticked me off was a “general vocabulary” quiz in which one out of every four words was in the same small group. That will drastically skew scores based entirely on the quiz taker’s knowledge of a specific subject, one that, not incidentally, consisted ENTIRELY of loanwords like “Keemun.”

I wanted to grab that writer, strap them down, and force them to take a “general vocabulary” quiz where every question related to medieval warfare. Don’t know the difference between a mangonel and an onager? You must have a pretty poor vocabulary!

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
3 hours ago

@Allendrel: I bet I could ace your medieval weapons quiz! (Or the 25% of the “general” quiz that it’d be).

I have been in a proper tea house, a few times, and I have a fairly good selection of teas in my cupboard, but I’d have missed “Keemun” too.

(My favorite is the white tea “Shou Mei”, because it’s tasty AND it translates to “Longevity Eyebrow”.)

3 hours ago

@ GSS ex-noob
Long eyebrows are a sign of venerable wisdom; in media, someone with very long eyebrows is probably a Taoist master alchemist or other mystic who has attained superhuman or near-superhuman age and wisdom.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
2 hours ago

@Dalliana: yes, the tin it was in before being sold to me loose (it’s a proper Chinese shop) had a picture of an old wise mystic guy taped to it, and he had serious eyebrow extensions. It was from some martial arts movie.

rabid rabbit
rabid rabbit
2 hours ago

Speaking of terrible manosphere attempts at science versus actual science, I apologize if this has been brought up before, but if not:

It turns out men and women aren’t separate species after all!

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 hour ago


That’s the good news. The bad news is that I can’t seem to find any upcoming good enough weather to do a supply run — every day without precipitation has high winds and windchills — and I’m running out of various things. Also, this Google Chrome update stubbornly won’t install on my Android phone, and this volcano in Iceland I’m staring at stubbornly won’t erupt.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 hour ago

Actually, it’s worse than that. The Chrome update won’t even download. It either does nothing or goes to “Pending…” but gets stuck there, without progressing to “Downloading” even though nothing else there is downloading. I’ve tried clearing the app store app’s cache and rebooting the device several times. In the past that has sometimes worked but not this time. It won’t initiate the download nor does it give any indication in its UI of why it won’t.

Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
43 minutes ago


Why would I know what the hell Satemwa is?

I enjoy tea, have some familiarity with various teas, have looked at lots of teas on store shelves, actually copyedited a book about tea (a while ago) — and haven’t heard of this tea.

Of course, unlike right-wingers (I know that’s not you), that doesn’t lead me to deny the existence of Satemwa or its importance.